17 February 2010

Eric Kripke stays as the Exec Producer with Sera Gamble as the new showrunner!

I went out for a lunch date and I came back with some shocking news BUT it's not that bad in my opinion!

It's been reported by Ausiello from EW that Eric Kripke is stepping down as the showrunner of Supernatural, however, he will still be on the show as Executive Producer. Sera Gamble (Executive Producer and Writer), will be the new showrunner.

Seriously. OK! First of all, it's sad to see Eric Kripke stepping down as the showrunner. However, he is still actively involved. For that, I am very happy. ^_^

Secondly, I LOVE Sera Gamble. She is loved by fans! I haven't met a Supernatural fan who doesn't like Sera! She has been very vocal about the show and the story since season 1. She's done more interviews than Eric Kripke. Sera is THE BEST choice to run the show if Kripke is stepping down. Beside there isn't many women showrunners in the business, so kudos to Sera for all her brilliant work and ideas since season 1. She totally deserves it.

Some fans have concern about this and some are already hating it. Seriously, if you don't like it, don't watch it. But don't brainlessly bad month season 6 already without even knowing anything about it. This is a bonus season, so let's enjoy the ride and quit bitching about it! I can't see how Sera and co can stuff up season 6. SO BRING IT!

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