07 February 2010

Thoughts on Supernatural 5.13 The Song Remains the Same

A twenty-five cent angel is watching over the longest post ever on this blog.

hat is the title of this episode again? (A) Everybody Loves Raymond (B) Everybody Hates Chris (C) Everybody Wants to Kill Sam. (D) D for Dean (E) In the Middle or (F) In the Middle of the Same Song

is at its best with The Song Remains the Same. This episode was written by Sera Gamble and Nancy Weiner, directed by Steve Boyum. You know Steve from
his directorial work such as The End, In the Beginning, Death Takes a Holiday, Dream a Little Dream of Me and Crossroad Blues. And for those who are not familiar with Nancy Weiner, she wrote Monster at the End of the Book and The Real Ghostbusters. Yeah! THAT Nancy!

Where do I begin? I have a lot to say about this episode. It's ridiculous how much I love this episode. This is frekking brilliant!
For the 99th times, I love the Winchester Family episodes such as Home and In the Beginning. In fact, The Song Remains the Same tops Home and In the Beginning. I love every scene and every second of it.

Here are my thoughts with music recommendation!

The Polaroid Moment
(Song: The Power of Love, Huey Lewis)
Dad "Honey, where is the flux capacitor?"
Mum "I told you this is not Back to the Future!"

Rarely we see the Winchesters Family (i.e. mum, dad and the two boys) in the same episode, same scene and exchange dialogue.
Despite the life and death situation they were in, seeing Mary and John interacting with Dean and Sam was heart warming.

The Impala scene was long overdue!! As a big fan of the family episode, this is what I've been waiting for!!!! We haven't seen John driving the Impala before, we knew he was driving the car in After School Special, but we didn't see him in the shot. So this was the first time we saw John driving the Impala with Mary next to him, Dean and Sam at the backseat. With Dad telling everyone to shut up, that completed the awkward family road trip! Wouldn't it be funny if Mary was the driver?!

Before I forget, I just wanted to say how brilliant Matt Cohen and Amy Gumenick were as Young John and Mary. Jensen and Jared were brilliant as usual, but Matt and Amy stole the show. The four of them really have a lot of chemistry.

Glenn Close
(Song: That Thing You Do, from the movie That Thing You Do!)
OK so.. not exactly the Fatal Attraction Glenn Close, but the 101 Dalmatians Glenn Close, Cruella De Vil was equally crazy. I am sure Castiel won't get that reference either. Oh! Cas, get this: Anna did a Gollum and escaped from Mordor.

So... Anna
was on a mission to kill Mary and John before they conceived Sam. So why bother to tell Dean? Surely she knew he won't let her kill Sammy, he was so gonna tell his BFF Castiel everything. But I can't figure out who let her go though, if she was indeed let go, like Castiel said. Or did she really escape and went Glenn Close?

If Heaven let her go and program her to kill Sam, then Lucifer lose his true vessel. So what, his power will be limited, making it easier to destroy him? Do you think the order came from Michael? But I don't think he cares, because I don't think he is afraid of losing. He could have just killed Sam with a snap of his fingers. Unless there is another agenda yet to be revealed? Or perhaps someone else let her escape? If so, who was it?

1978 Was So Dope
(Song: What a Wonderful World, Joey Ramone)
What? I like Rich from In the Beginning

The way Glenn Close and Arnie went back to 1978 was kinda Terminator.
But at least they have their clothes on! I am a little bit disappointed that Cas passed out and didn't assist after that. But that's ok. He did great in the beginning. I miss Cas so much! Two episodes without him is torture! The way he spoke Enochian (assuming it was Enochian), was so hot!

By the way, why must Dean and Castiel and now Young John talk like Christian Bale in Batman and Terminator? HOT!

"You're my.. You're my... my... mom.. You're my mom. You're so.. so.. THIN!"
(Song: Earth Angel, Marvin Berry And The Starlighters)
"Sam, seriously! What's with the sideburns? I am your mother and I'm telling you to get rid of it!"

Sam has never ever met or lived with his mother. In this episode, Mary wasn't an illusion (When the Levee Breaks) or a spirit (Home) or in an alternative reality (WIAWSNB) or in a play back (AHBL). When Sam said to Mary "You're so beautiful", it reminded me of another McFly moment in BTTF. To see Sam reacting like this was pretty cool. I was kinda expecting this meeting to be funnier, but this is good too.

BTW, is it me or did the way Mary opened the door reminded you of the way the other Mary opened the door for Dean in WIAWSNB?
And John! How can you not remember Dean Van Halen, the hottie who recommended the Impala to you? Also, how often do you get to call your parents by their first names without getting into trouble?

Another cool thing is that, we haven't really seen Mary in combat action before as a hunter. We saw that here! She kicked Anna's ass! Mary! You are awesome! Amy Gumenick is really awesome as Mary. Welcome to the family! I

I Am Your Son, Together We Can Rule the Garrison
(Song: That soundtrack from Star Wars, John Williams)
If you think "I am your father" in Star Wars was epic, Dean's "I am your son" is equally epic!

I was really hoping Dean would tell Mary everything. He did. YAY! But then Michael wiped the parents' memories clean.
I was also hoping Dean and Sam to say MUM I LOVE YOU and then a massive Winchester hug before they go back to 2010. There was no hugs in this episode! That's probably the only thing missing!

Ladies and Gentlemen: Introducing the Archangel Michael
who is not played by Michael Shanks
(Song: Carry on Wayward Son, Kansas)
"Get over it Tiny. I am not Michael Shanks."
It's ok Matt or John or Michael, I still love you.

The writers have found a way to introduce the Archangel Michael. I didn't expect to see him to AT ALL! They'll usually give you a hint about it, but they keep this one under lock and key.

Now that the Winchester bloodline is in the story, perhaps from the writer's point of view, this is the best way to introduce Michael and for him to talk to Dean face to face. There is no other bloodline/ Winchester vessel left, and obviously Michael can't wear Sam. Of course, Michael could have just appeared in Dean's dream as Pedestrian X, Y or Z, but wearing John the vessel is so much more interesting and it ties in with the bloodline thing.

Michael is obviously a very very powerful angel, he is probably the most powerful of all angels.
Just like Gabriel, with a snap of his fingers, he could make you disappear. But with a touch, he could burn the angel and their vessel into ashes. Poor Anna.. or not! The special effect in this scene was really cool!

I guess this scene may have just answered my question earlier. If Michael let Anna go, why killed her? I mean he can always bring her back, but I don't think so. So perhaps, Anna did escape or someone else let her escape? Actually, does it matter whether she was let go or not? I am confused now. Details!

Matt Cohen did a brilliant job playing John Winchester and the Archangel Michael. I wonder what was his reaction when he found out he will be playing Michael. OMFG! His performance was really good! Welcome to the family!

By the way, John Winchester is the only character who has been the vessel for the angel (Michael) and the demon (YED).

The Archangel Michael has spoken!
(Repeat: Carry on Wayward Son, Kansas)
"My answer is YES, if Tiny would marry me."

I guess nothing in Supernatural is ever black and white, everything is in a gray area. I like Michael. I do. I can't wait to see more of him.

Michael and Lucifer are not so much different in terms of the way they talk (very gently), they have similar mannerism and the angle they presented to Dean and Sam are
opposite but similar. Micheal being the big brother, like Dean, raised Lucifer and loved him. Lucifer, like Sam, the little brother who rebelled against God's plan.

This is like round two of anything! In round one, Lucifer (Oh Jacob! I love Mark Pellegrino) presented his sales pitch to Sam. And in round two, Michael presented his sales pitch to Dean. Now that Michael and Lucifer have spoken, the big question is looming more than ever. I think Dean and Sam will say YES. Just like the previous big questions in Supernatural: Will Dean go to Hell? YES. Will Sam turn darkside? YES. Will Lucifer rise? YES. Will Dean and Sam say yes? YES. It's a matter of how, why, when and what's going to happen after that.

Michael has made it clear that he
won't leave Dean a drooling mess after he's done wearing him, we won't see the issue Raphael's vessel has. Dean will definitely return as a hottie in a body.

The Winchester Family Soundtrack
(Song: We Go Together, John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John)
"We go together like rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong. Remembered forever like shoo bop shoo wadda wadda yipitty boom de boom."

I notice the music (violin/ piano or whatever that is) is very similar to the previous family episodes. For example, In
Home, when John appeared at the end of the episode, looking at his wedding ring. In WIAWSNB, when Mary was talking to Dean towards the end of the episode, asking him to stay in the alternative reality and when Dean was talking to John in the cemetery. And In the Beginning, when Dean was warning Mary not to get out of bed on November 2, 1983.

Using music this way really ties in with the Winchester Family story arc. I wish they could release this music for fans to download, I really love this piece of music.

Team Free Will or Team Destiny or Team Tiny
(Song: My Life Would Suck Without You, Glee Cast)

So, this is IT! Team Free Will or Team Destiny or whatever it's called! I call it Team Tiny. Don't like it? Eat me!

Would Dean say yes if Michael can save Mary from dying in the nursery? I think his answer would be YES. I think if season five is the last season, I think that's how it will end. Dean says YES to save Mary, and Sam says YES to save John. THE END. But season five might not be the last season and I am not Eric Kripke. If I am Kripke, I won't be sitting here talking to you.

Any theories on how Michael and Lucifer are going to make Dean and Sam say YES? There are many things the angels can use as leverage against Dean and Sam.

The Song Remains the Same is now one of my favorite episodes of Supernatural. I cannot stop watching it, I cannot stop talking about it. I abso-superfreking-lutely love it.
Your thoughts?

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  1. Dude, you linked me! Ta very much ;)

    I still reckon Dean would say no. Even if it means not saving Mary. I think Sam is really ready to say yes though...


  2. I can to steal the script of the finale!!!! I can't wait!

  3. They wont do it for saving Mary or John because they know that both of them would kick their ass. I dont know why the would say yes though. However I hope Dean does. I swear Season 5 will end with them both saying yes..

    However something just came to me. Blood line? Adam? Hmmm

  4. Interesting! But Adam is dead.. And if the Angels don't want Adam to die, then they would've saved him from the ghouls. But interesting!!! Hummm....


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