03 February 2010

Speculation only! Could the CW pair up Smallville and Supernatural again?

Remember this?

Devoted to Smallville posted a TVGuide scan on their site. See for yourself!

I would love to see the CW to pair up
Smallville and Supernatural again, if they get season 10 and season 6 respectively. But not so sure about Friday night, I suppose it could be a good thing. One way or another, it doesn't effect my viewing habit! But like I said previously, I would love to see Smallville to hit 4mil and Supernatural to hit 3.5 mil in their finale season.

However, it'd be funny if the CW launches the new drama about cheerleaders (produced by Tom Welling) after Smallville on Friday night. Just saying....

Want to know more about the new CW pilot projects, read them here.
Betwixt sounds strangely familiar!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Put that vamp show on a wednesday or monday and put Supernatural and Smallville on thursday. Dont change the supernatural day... But thats just me...


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