14 February 2010

Mark Pellegrino on Lost, Supernatural and Teaching

Mark Pellegrino is growing on me. Seriously! I didn't really feel Jacob (Lost) mainly because I didn't know anything about him. Jacob's appearance on Lost is way long overdue. I gave up on the character long ago, I just felt that we'd never meet him or they'd never explain Jacob. They don't really tell you much. It's all a mystery. But after The Incident and LA X, I am really digging his character. Is he going to set things right for everyone?

Mark also plays the Devil on Supernatural, as if you don't know that already! He is awesome!!! Sam might say yes, and we have seen Lucifer wearing Sam in The End. But I think Mark Pellegrino IS Lucifer, just like Misha Collins IS Castiel.

Mark talked about Lost, Supernatural and teaching acting with Melissa Parker from Our Prattville. And he loves us more! When I said us, I mean Supernatural.

Melissa Parker (Our Prattville): Now you get to play the devil on Supernatural and you’re freshly released from hell (laughs).

Mark Pellegrino: (laughs) Freshly raised from hell and raised to wreak havoc on this planet.

Melissa: How do you get into a mindset to play Lucifer?

Mark: Well, I think the thing is … Lucifer’s problem is very human. So, I don’t have to think about anything immortal or celestial. I just think about the issues in terms of human issues and the issue to me is that Lucifer was betrayed by his father and his brother whom he admired for something less than him. He was thrown over … sacrificed, and he wants revenge. So I think that’s a pretty down to earth issue that almost anybody can relate to.

Melissa: Lucifer will have it out with the Winchester boys soon.

Mark: He’s going to use them to get what he wants. He’s going to use them to exact his revenge on his dad and brother. I think there’s a fight brewing between the brothers, that’s for sure.

Melissa: Which character, Jacob or Lucifer, have you had the most fun with?

Mark: (laughs) Gosh, they are so different. I have a lot of fun with Lucifer because there’s a lot of latitude that I’m given. You know, I can play, and I like the fact that they write him as honest, kind of a down to earth character. That gives me a lot of leverage.

Melissa: So you enjoy Lucifer a bit more?

Mark: (laughs) I hate to say I enjoy Lucifer a lot! But, Jacob is still more of a mystery to me … the myth is a mystery to me. Whereas, Lucifer’s myth is pretty well known and pretty saturated in our culture you know. So, I’m not sure yet. I’m flying more blind with Jacob.

Read the full interview at Our Prattville.

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