13 February 2010

Thoughts on Supernatural Episode 5.14 My Bloody Valentine

Be My Valentine! Tom Hannigan went back to Harmony, a small town where people just got chopped into pieces by a madman [aka Tom]. Wait.. Wrong one... Try again...

Three words to describe Supernatural 5.14 My Bloody Valentine: Gross, Funny and Sad. Aren't they the classic Supernatural elements? Skip the pink paragraph below if you don't give a crap about my personal journey on how I finished watching the episode.

I went through a great length to watch this episode. Seriously. My internet has been sucking lately. My data usage is at capacity. So it has been exceptionally slow. Downloading a podcast would normally take minutes, but now it takes hours. So watching an episode of Supernatural online has not been easy the past two weeks! Anyway, I finally downloaded the episode after God knows how many hours, but guess what? The download stopped at the 39th minute of the episode. BLOODY HELL. The horseman was torturing me! I was hungry for the last minute of the episode. But thank GOD! I finally have the whole thing and watched it like it's made of GOLD!

My Bloody Valentine was written by Ben Edlund, directed by Mike Rohl. Mark has previously directed Monster at the End of the Book, On the Head of the Pin, The Usual Suspects and Folsom Prison Blues. AWESOME!

For some reasons, this episode has the same vibe as The Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester or Lazarus Rising. May be it's because in Great Pumpkin, Dean saw Sam using his power for the very first time. And in Lazarus Rising, we saw Sam using his power for the first time at the Diner.

It was GROSS

This episode was gross! But I think Metamorphosis was more gross. The opening scene and the gory details of the episode were gross. Seriously Mr Edlund! Only you can come up with stuff like this. I love you!

Famine was very creepy. Like Dracula creepy! Like the original Wicked Witch of the West creepy! Like Empire Palpatine creepy! And I hate him! I'll tell you why later.

It was FUNNY

Castiel is the funniest angel of the garrison. He was too cute in the episode! From the "I'm just gonna hang up now" to "This [burger] makes me happy".
Poor Jimmy, he's gonna be so sick after Cas stuff him with so many burgers! I laugh every time I see the comedic scenes. Fans are just falling in love with Cas all over again! I think Cas is now an integral part of the show. The chemistry between Misha and Jensen is just growing and growing. It's such a joy to watch them!

Cupid was funny. I was expecting him to be in more than one scene. He was so cute. So if the Cupid is a cherub, third-class, what class is Castiel?

Sam's snacks

Sammy is hungry for demon blood and he can exorcise multiple demons, I think five demons in one go?
That was a pretty cool scene in terms of the visual. That's like a level ten of demon-exorcising!

It's been 14 episodes since we last saw Sammy used his powers. It's pretty sad to see Sammy like this, we thought his powers were gone after Lucifer was unleashed. But like Ruby 1.0 said, his powers were simply dormant. I think they are too deep in Sam's blood.

Sam was at least being honest with Dean, when he was feeling the intensity. He asked Dean to lock him up in the motel. But still, seeing Sammy sucking demon blood and using his dark powers again was pretty heart breaking. He knew it was wrong, he couldn't fight it. He just couldn't.

I really like how Jared interprets the dark Sam. Sam is not the comedic type and he doesn't do the one-liner like Dean. He is more the serious type and he does well with the puppy eyes stuff. But Jared really excels when he channels the dark Sam.

It was SAD

Hey you! You
Old Creepy Hungry Piece of CRAP Famine CRAP You! Don't you push Dean to the floor and kick him! Don't you dare! You Old Creepy Hungry Piece of CRAP!

If Dean is empty inside, he wouldn't have strong feelings towards his family, Sam and his friends. I so wanted to punch Famine in the face. I hate it when demons and monsters said bad things to Dean and patronize him. I really want Dean to prove them wrong and kick their asses!

Pleading to God for help was the best moment of the entire episode. DAMMIT! Just help him already!!! I thought he was going to say yes right there! I like how Cas comforted Dean by saying 'that's not really Sam in there.. he just needs to get that out of his system'.

Wasn't Jensen Ackles awesome or what? Once again, he totally nailed that scene. Only Jensen can pull that off! Give him an award please! He is seriously so underrated!!

For the record, I really want Jensen to play Captain America. Where there is a will, there is a way. If he is in, I am sure they can work out the
filming schedule. You want the character stuff in the film, Jensen is your man!

Jared needs a hair cut and stop buffing up!

Jared needs a haircut. If he doesn't, I swear I am going to start campaigning this! His sideburns are too Elvis if you know what I mean! And I think Jared is getting too buff, he needs to stop! He is not playing Conan the Barbarian, that's Jason Momoa.

There is something about Supernatural

There is always something you like about an episode of Supernatural, even for Sam Interrupted or Bad Day at Black Rock or Criss Angel is a Douchebag. They might not be fan's favorites but there is always one thing you like about them. As much as I love Lost, 24 or Smallville, there is always something in an episode that I don't like or I find it annoying, I wish I could just skip it. But to me, Supernatural is the opposite. There is always one classic Supernatural moment i.e. comedic moment or a Dean's one-liner that make that episode somewhat watchable. This episode has plenty of great moments, I'm happy to give it a 4 out of 5.

Want to see another awesome recap? TozaBoma has done it again!

Hellatus is here folks!

Supernatural is going into a five-week hellatus. Episode 5.15 Dead Man Don't Wear Plaid will return on March 25. Hellatus sux! I know! Here is the promo. I am sure plenty of news will surface during the hellatus, perhaps the confirmation of season 6, news on the 100th episode or more casting news. Who knows?!

Expect to see Bobby, his dead wife and zombies in 5.15.


  1. Oh my God! I so agree with the 'buffing up' thing! It's really weird. I like him being the smaller brother (although taller).
    I loved Sam, Interrupted btw, I think it is probably one of my favourites. Bad Day at Black Rock is awesome aswell. It's just so funny ^_^
    I just agree with everything you've said here. I love Cas; he's so cute!
    Although actually, I disagree about Cupid being cute- he freaked me out.
    The Hiatus thing SUCKS! It's only been about three episodes since the last one!

  2. Wait, I have more to say. Haha.
    The end was amazing. I thought Sam would say yes first but after this I'm thinking it would be Dean.
    I must be about the only fan who DOESN'T want a sixth series. I don't want it to draw itself out to the point where it becomes dull and we lose interest. I want it to go out with a bang, right where it was intended to. If it continues, it's for profit and not because there's a series goal. I'd watch it, obviously; but I think it should end at the finale of this series. I think that would be brilliant.

  3. Yeah you hit everything on the head. Cas, Dean, Sam which I didn't notice the buff but I am a Dean girl LOL. I love bad Sam and I heart broken Dean it just pulls my own heart out I want to hug him tight. It was a gross episode and quite sad too but in the end a great SPn addition.

  4. I thought Dean was going to say yes too. I am formulating my theory.. I keep changing my mind! Hummm... :D


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