24 February 2010

Interview with McG & Mark A Sheppard

Dear Mr McG, if you are reading this, please make a movie and cast Jensen as the lead, you know he would be awesome as John Connor.

Moving on...to me, the blog worthy articles this week aren't too spoilery. Read at your own risk.

First up, I like McG. I don't care what you think.

"McG has nothing but praise for the fans (and fan fiction) of Supernatural. He says, "I'm a huge fan of the fan fiction. I think it's a wonderful art form." and goes on to extol the virtues of fans having access to Final Cut Pro and laptops, letting them make their own Supernatural"

Woah! Keep writing and filming people! You could be the next showrunner. God help us all!


Mark A Sheppard talks about Supernatural. It wouldn't be so bad if Mark plays God. Haha.. Just saying! Love his acting and his accent!

Full article at

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