14 February 2009

If you ain't in 3D, you ain't my bloody valentine

It's Valentine's Day and I went to watch My Bloody Valentine 3D today. During the movie, I said to myself "Oh my god, they did not just do that" at least 200 times. If you are planning to watch this movie, MAKE SURE YOU WATCH IT IN 3D. It's 3D or nothing.

I didn't know what to expect to be honest. I expected the gory stuff and I just want to watch Jensen on the big 3D screen. I paid a bit more to watch it in 3D, and it's worth every cent.

I don't watch horror or slasher movie.. whatever the real term is.. but I was aware of the elements of a horror film. The last 'horror' film I watched was Sweeney Todd. OK! I know it wasn't exactly 'horror', but it was pretty horrific and gory.. seriously! My Bloody Valentine looks absolutely stunning in 3D. I can think of a couple of movies that would be great in 3D all the way, not just a few scenes like The Dark Knight. If Cloverfield was in 3D, I would need a sick bag. The Matrix would look stunning in 3D. Any disaster films would look stunning in 3D.

And the story? It was better than I expected. The gory stuff was not as bad as I expected. The full frontal nude scene was actually quite funny. Jensen Ackles looked hot and I think he did a good job. My sister said his look is very Dean-ish. Of course, he shot this film in between season 3 and 4 of Supernatural, he can't exactly shave his hair or something.

I'd prefer to see Jensen as a hero though, like in an action movie like Speed or even The Departed (as Billy). But I think it was a brave move for Jensen to play the bad guy. I think he did good. And he looked really buff in the hospital scene. Can I be the nurse?

It was worth the wait. MBV3D gets 3.5 love hearts of out 5. Keep those 3D glasses, I hope the DVD is also in 3D.

I am watching He is Just Not That Into You tomorrow to wash down the gory stuff.

Tomorrow night, Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be on ROVE. Can't wait to see him and the Watchmen. As for Friday the 13th... I am not sure if I will watch it, it really comes down to money, I can't really watch too many movies this month and there are a few money spending activities I plan to do this month.

Supernatural news: The return of Supernatural and Smallville will be delayed for one week and will be returned on 12th March to avoid the Americian Idol's semi final.

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