05 February 2009

AHBL Supernatural Australian Convention; Spoilers

I am excited! Because I have tickets to attend the All Hell Breaks Loose Supernatural Australian Convention. I repeat, I am excited! The Convention will be held on 18 & 19 April in Sydney. Stay tuned, I'll be reporting it. There is a talk show in Australia called ROVE, I've heard that Aussie fans want J2 on this show. I HOPE that they will!! Hello?!??!!! They'll be silly not to invite them as guests, Supernatural is on Channel Ten and so is ROVE. Also, I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan will appear on ROVE this month to promote WATCHMEN.

On another TV show I love, I finally caught up with the all new 24! Dude! Seriously! Tony! What's wrong with you?! I haven't been watching spoilers on 24, so I don't know what will happen after the first 2 hours. Seriously, I am excited to see Chloe back.. can't wait to see more.

My Bloody Valentine 3D is coming soon in Australian next week 12 Feb. I can't wait to watch it. I am not a horror flick fan but I will watch it for Jensen. I am not sure if I can handle the gory stuff. Another movie I might watch this month is He Is Just Not That Into You. Occasionally I like chick flick and I think I will like this one.

Last but not least, SUPERNATURAL SPOILERS:
According to Ausiello from EW.com - the last 3 episodes of Season 4 is going to focus on Dean vs Sam. Could it be like Born under the bad sign? Humm...

I forgot to mention that, if you are a Supernatural fan, you must listen to CROSSROADS podcast. This is the BEST podcast on Supernatural, it's a podcast by the fans for the fans. Seriously! Search Crossroads Podcast on iTune. Tim and Ty are so professional, great discussion in each and every episode. Go check it out!

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