21 February 2009

New video promo (contains spoilers); Todd the Wraith on Supernatural

A promo of March 12's episode "Death Takes a Holiday".

Official synopsis:
Dean and Sam investigate a small town where people are cheating death. They discover the Reapers have gone missing so they turn to Pamela for help. She sends them into the spiritual world to find answers and they come face to face with Alastair, who has been kidnapping all the Reapers in order to break another seal. Written by Jeremy Carver and directed by James Conway.

Excitement meter
The return of Castiel: 10/10
The return of Anna: 8/10
Sam doing it again with Ruby: Hummm.... not very exciting at all
Sam "you have no idea...": 11/10
Dean torturing a Wraith.. erh.. I mean Todd... wait.. wrong show... I mean Alastair*: Priceless

*Alastair's new meat suit is Christopher Heyerdahl, best know as Todd from Stargate Atlantis. I love Todd, and Christopher looks so so good as Alastair.. Talking about the acting chop of every single guest star on Supernatural, seriously! This is Oscar winning stuff! Don't miss this episode!


  1. I can't wait to see this episode!! Castiel looks miserable!

  2. Excitement meter

    The return of Castiel: 10000000/10
    The return of Anna: 2/10
    Dean torturing Alastair = major fun


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