10 February 2009

MBV3D US & UK Box office; Watchmen; Sydney best yum cha

I was just browsing the web for stuff.. and I came across the IMDB website, it mentioned that the My Bloody Valentine 3D's cumulative earnings is $44,827,233 on the US box office (starting 30 Jan 09) and £4,945,535 on the UK box office. Not bad for a slasher flick...

Jared is busy doing a few interviews on Friday the 13th... also appearing on the Bonnie Hunt Show.

I have finally watched the Watchmen's TV ad and also I saw a print ad of the movie at the back of a bus that was in front of me this morning. I am now convinced that this will be good (I have not read the graphic novel), it's on my to watch list. I will also watch He is Just Not That Into You.. Not knowing how well I can handle all the gory stuff from MBV3D, may be I should watch He is Just Not That Into You straight after!

As I was updating this blog, my sister was telling me that she wanted to go yum cha this weekend.. (before we watch MBV3D, it's opening in Australia this week). Not sure if I should eat before watching this movie.. but.. if you are looking for a good yum cha place in Sydney, try Sky Phoenix on Pitt St Mall. Mango pancakes.. yum!

I had one of those days at work today so I will now go watch My Musical (Scrubs).

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