25 February 2009

Super-fans, our prayers have been answered! Supernatural Season Five renews

That's right Super-fans! Supernatural has been picked up by the CW for Season 5. It also means that we will get the ending that Eric Kripke has planned for long long time ago in heaven (or hell) far far away. The evil genius of the show (in a very good way) has often mentioned that he always has a five year plan for the show.

Season 5 will be heavenly awesome, if you know what I mean. In a recent interview, Misha Collins has indicated that if Supernatural got picked up for Season 5, he will become a regular cast member on the show. Whether this is confirmed or not, I guess we will have to wait and see. But I am certain that Misha will be a regular, because his character and everything else that comes with it, has so so much to offer.

Brilliant showrunner, awesome production team, talented cast members and great TV ratings aside, good publicity and fandom really help to secure the survival of the show. Both Jensen
Ackles and Jared Padalecki have starred in two successful movies early in the year (My Bloody Valentine 3D and Friday the 13th... in case you don't know..!). Both movies were released in somewhat a good time of the year, avoided the Harry Potter, Twilight, Transformer II and Terminator craziness. Both movies also enjoyed a lucrative success. Massive internet fanbase and impressive podcast networks are major contributors to the whole picture. We (the fans) are really awesome!!

Having Season 5 renewed, could also mean that Supernatural might be attending to San Diego Comic Con this year. (I hope! Not that I will be going, but I still want to hear all about it!). However as you all know, I will be going to the Australian Con, so I am hoping the boys will have plenty to say at the panel and I hope they will be on ROVE.

My wish list for Season 5:

1.) The brotherly love: Although they have issues and the show is steering towards brother vs brother, however I don't expect to see Sam driving a truck traveling on his own, eating sushi and listening to Beyonce. I still see Dean AND Sam traveling together in the Impala, eating pies and listening to classic rock.

2.) More
mythology: I know a lot of fans really like the monster of the week episode. I love them too, but I just want to see more mythology based episodes.

3.) I want a satisfying ending, whether it be sad or happy. Make me cry and smile at the same time please.

4.) The return of Ellen and Jo: I think at least one of them should return to the show at some stage of Season 5. Kripke killed off a lot of characters on the show, Agent Henriksen, Meg, YED, John and Mary Winchester, Ash and the psyche kids (the lot!). But he didn't kill off Ellen and Jo, we just don't know what happen to them, and I'd like to see a closure.

5.) God: I want to see him to make an appearance. It is highly unlikely (I know!) however, I want to see Dean to go one step closer to the one who gave the rescue order. Who can play God? Morgan Freeman or Sir Ian
McKellen. Like I said, highly unlikely, but I think it'd awesome. Having said that, I am happy with an alternative, give me a well known Archangel like Michael or Raphael, I'd be happy.

6.) A movie length series finale - this will be so so so so so awesome!

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  1. i agree with all of that and i think ellen might of died not really sure


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