10 July 2011

Food edition - hot dogs, pasta, coffee, pizza & apple pies

Happy Sunday.

I enjoyed cooking.. sometimes.. I have improved from cooking instant noodles to something rather riveting and tastier. Inspired by Masterchef much? I think so, I guess at the end of the day, I want to eat good quality stuff. I like chips, but I want quality potatos cooked with good fat. I like chocolate, but I want good quality chocolate. You know what I mean?

So, here are a few blog-worthy stuff from the past two or so. If you're visiting Sydney, I strongly recommend the Strand Expresso at the Strand Arcade and Maisy's in Neutral Bay. They have Sydney's BEST coffees. Coffee is like a simple thing to make, but not every coffee shop produces good coffee and it's frustrating when they don't make good coffee!

The coffee from Maisy's in Neutral Bay is consistence week in week out.
They have some of Sydney's best baristas.

 Smoked salmon linguini with semi-dried tomatoes and light cream sauce
Strand Expresso at the Strand Arcade 
They have great coffee too. I also had THE BEST affogato the other day. Life-saving stuff!

Top dog -- Weiss Wurst; bottom dog -- American Classic. With Tasmanian Russet Potatoes chips & mayolive* from Snag Stand at Sydney Westfield.
If you are eating chips, may as well have the good stuff! 
*Mayolive is blended with mayo with olive. Very yummy!

I was experiencing with prosciutto and pear last week. It tasted great. Next time, I'll make my own dough.

Prosciutto, Pear & Rocket pizza

My sister has been baking all day today. Inspired by Dean's apple pie life much? They are yummy.

Apple crumbles and straight pies

 With home made custard


  1. Mmm now I am really hungry

  2. I am so full... I've been eating all weekend. Is it bad?


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