01 July 2011

SPECIAL EDITION [PROJECT KARA-AMY-TINY] -- Supernatural Season Six Awards (Part 2)

Happy Friday..

Earlier this week, Kara, Amy and I posted part one of our version of the Supernatural season six awards. So without further adieu, may we present part two our Supernatural season six awards.

Most Heart Breaking Moment

Kara: My Heart Will Go On. When they didn’t want to rewrite (or correct) history because it would mean Ellen and Jo would die. And Bobby saying “We need ya, especially me.” Man moving stuff.

Honourable mention: Cas praying to God asking him to give him a sign on if he should stop this would soul eating mission – to no reply.

Amy: So many heartbreaks in season six.....I say that like it’s unusual! Ok, most heartbreaking for me was the moment Dean realises Cas is lying in The Man Who Would Be King. It was heartbreaking all around. Dean’s face froze ever so subtly. It reminded me of that moment in The Simpsons where Lisa broke Ralph’s heart and Bart has it on slomo and say’s look you can see the exact moment his heart breaks. With Dean, you could see the exact moment his heart broke. The light just left his eyes. He believed in his friend and defended him and it turned out to be a lie, to be a betrayal I also felt sad for Cas in that moment, he felt all clever getting the joke...that whole scene. Heart breaking.

Tiny: This award goes to my man Dean Winchester -- when he said goodbye to Lisa and Ben in Let it Bleed. This is my pouty face moment. How awesome is Jensen Ackles? His range is so good. He can play funny, he can play sad. When he is funny, he makes you laugh so hard. But when he plays sad Dean, I need my tissues and I need a hug. I am sure he does too. I like how this Lisa and Ben arc is wrapped. We all know Dean deserves a better life, but it's just not meant to be. The harder he tries to maintain the balance of having a hunting life and an apple pie life, the harder it gets. The more he holds on to something that don't belong to him, the hard it is to say goodbye.

Best Death

Kara: Crowley. Ok yes I know he didn’t die, but for a good chunk of the season we did think he was dead. When he just burst into flames it was just so cool and so sudden. Did his return cheapen his death? No. Because his ‘death’ was still freaking damn good times, in one of the best episodes of the season.

Amy: The Charger! That was a pretty good death right there. Crushed by a falling Angel. None of the deaths in season six really broke my heart, like say, Jo and Ellen or Gabe or Zach. Maybe if we say Castiel is essentially dead? But I think I’ll stick with The Charger. That was awesome.

Honourable mention: Balthazar. Not that I think he died for the cause intentionally, but he was covering for the boys, so that was a good death.

Tiny: This is more like 'Sad Death'. Last year we looked this category as the 'take one for the team' death. Season six didn't have a death that was equivalent to the Ellen and Jo death. But I'll give this award to Balthazar. Balthazar has quickly become one of the most loved characters on the show. Sebastian Roché is a fan favourite, we love him at conventions and we love him on Twitter. Balthazar's time on Supernatural was ended a bit too soon.

Coolest Death

Kara: Raphael. I am sorry but if you turn into a bloodied water balloon then yes your death is cool. Such a cool death for such a boring character.

Amy: I liked Grandpa Samuel getting popped in the head in And The There Were None. Yay! I like how it happened. Stop moving forward, stop talking I said stop...BOOM! HEADSHOT! Totally dug it. Good one Sammy. I thought, oh no he’s going to angst over this, but thankfully he didn’t. The SOB deserved it! I do kind of wish it was Dean who popped him though. I kind of wished when he said “Welcome to next time,” it was followed by a bullet firing out of his pretty Colt 1911 into that bastard Samuel’s frontal lobe. But hey, Sam did good.

Tiny: There is a winner of this category because my hero Dean Winchester is awesome. Coolest Death goes to Mother. He is such a smarty pant with his "One shell of Phoenix ash, one ounce of Whiskey." Adiós BITCH! I love how Mother died in Mommy Dearest and I am glad she died. I can't say I am a big fan of the Mother story arc, so I am glad it was resolved the way it did. Move away Mother of all because Crowley is back in business, and I am sure he is looking for a new tailor. I am not ready to see Mark Sheppard leaving the show.

Best Fight

Kara: Cas vs Demons in The Man Who Would be King. Seeing Cas kick butt in any episode is always fun (seeing how many fights he used to lose).

Amy: We didn’t really see it as such, but that whole Dean versus a nest of vampires in Live Free Or Twihard was HOT! It’s really the aftermath of the fight that I love. Sam and Samuel walking in and seeing decapitated bodies strewn all over and Dean with his foot on the lead vamp’s separated head. “You ok Dean?” “Yeah I’m good.” Yeah you’re good all right. You’re freakin’ smokin’ hot Dean, with the covered in blood and the big knife and the adlkfjhaldkfhjalskajdflkajsbdkajdhf! Love.

Tiny: Does the high noon shootout in Frontierland consider as 'Best Fight'? Yeah.. that!

Favourite Villain

Kara: Obscure time. My favourite villain is the one the only Phoenix. Now I find it hard to place him in being a villain especially when it compared to Eve, Crowley and even maybe Castiel (although I still refuse to call him a villain just because come on he is Cas). Anyway the Phoenix isn’t really a villain in the traditional sense when it comes to these awards but also not even in the traditional sense of a villain. It’s more of the fact I enjoyed the mythology of the Phoenix and the interaction with the boys. It is a shame that the Phoenix won’t be making a return.

Amy: Soulless Sam. I was going to say Crowley, because he’s awesome, but my favourite bad guy was really Soulless Sam. I particularly loved him when he came clean and embraced his soullessness. “Don’t dump your wackadoo all over us, we’d rather not step in it.” Apart from the moments when he was really rather funny, he was just a great big selfish tool. He was awful, but in that good way. He watched Dean get turned into a vampire, he lied through his teeth, he tried to kill Bobby, he did some very dubious things that we only really got a glimpse of. He was just horrible and for the most part, I really enjoyed him.

Tiny: Crowley is a villain I love to love. Crowley is so much fun to watch because of Mark Sheppard. Crowley was a demon who tried to survive and to become the King of Hell. Crowley was different from YED or Alastair or Lillith who only followed orders from Lucifer. When he paired up with Castiel, his story became much more interesting. Crowley was disturbingly funny, he was just so much fun to watch. I hope the Castiel-Crowley story arc will continue in an epic fashion in season seven.

Favourite Good Guy

Kara: Balthazar. Ok it can be questionable on if he really is a good guy, but he did come through at the end. So yes that wise cracking angel was my fave good guy. Shame he had to die. SPOILER!

Amy: Can I say Dean? Probably not, so I will say Death. He’s kind of a good guy. I mean, he helped Dean fix Sam and he brought him cheap food and a beer! I sort of see him as a good guy in the scheme of things. He just wants everyone to do what is right, what they’re supposed to do. Maybe he did what he did for selfish reasons but, I feel like he’s good, maybe not in the traditional sense of the word, but he does what he thinks is right in his universe.

Tiny: Samuel Colt. I love him, I love the myth of the Colt ever since season one. I wasn't disappointed with his appearance in Frontierland. I wish there is a spin-off series about the old west and Samuel Colt.

Favourite Guest Star

Kara: Samantha Ferris. I love Ellen and I loved her in that episode.

Amy: Robert Englund in Appointment In Samarra. Essentially it was a cameo, but me and Freddy Kruger, we go way back. I was beyond excited that he was going to be in Supernatural and I really enjoyed every second he was on screen. He was actually super sweet was Dr Robert! I love Freddy. Coolest guest star ever.

Tiny: Sam Hennings aka Samuel Colt. I went all fangirlie when I heard he was appearing on the show. You have no idea how much I love the Colt and how much I wanted the Colt to be so much more than it already was. I want to see Samuel Colt to return in season seven. I know it's highly unlikely but yeah.. I really want to see him again. I want to know where he went and why he went into hiding. I want a complete profile on this guy -- CTU style!

Most Under Used Character

Kara: I am going to be controversial here. Samuel Campbell. Now hear me out. Samuel isn’t so much under-used as in used incorrectly. They could have/should have used him as a John like of character instead of pretty much straight away making the audience think that he is creepy and weird. They should have had him go to Dean and say ‘That Sam your brother he seems a bit weird almost as if you know he is missing a soul or something.’ Or maybe more comments like ‘Oh shape shifter first thing your mum ever killed’ make us have a connection with him instead of pretty much saying from the start ‘Yeah he is going to die soon so don’t worry’.

Amy: I’m saying characters plural because it’s the whole Campbell family. Look, straight up, I don’t need the Winchester brothers to have any family other than themselves, Bobby & Cas, but I thought the introduction of the Campbells was going to be interesting. I thought we’d find out more about the family history. I thought they’d be....important. Yeah, I guess when they all got unceremoniously dispatched, I had got to the point where I didn’t give a damn, but I feel like the Campbells was an opportunity lost. In the end, they seemed pointless.

Honourable mention: Samuel Colt. I would have liked to see more of him being a bit more Samuel Colt like. I hope he comes to the future or something one day.

Tiny: Celine Dion.. oh wait what… No, it's Death. I know this is a bit of a stretch but I think Death is a bit under-used. I would've love to see him may be one or two episodes more, especially after what he said to Dean at the end of Appointment in Samarra, I was expecting him to appear again to reveal something or at least bring Dean his pie. I think next season should have a Death-centric episode called Guess Who Is Coming For Dinner?

Biggest WTF Moment

Kara: Little Cassy being all like ‘Lets eat souls be God.’ You are Cas. You are the good loveable idiot. The man who can come and save the day, although, Cas if you are reading I will kiss your feet and bring you green tea.

Honourable mention: Soulless Sammy?

Dishonourable mention: Fairies and Dragons. Sigh.

Amy: Straight up I went to say the cliff-hanger with Cas becoming some kind of uber powerful hell bent on world domination delusional God like being, but then I remembered the moment that really made me go OH.MY.GOD and that was seeing Sam watch Dean get turned into a vampire in Live Free Or Twihard. We knew there was something wrong, that he was empty or broken, but in that moment we really saw that Sam was gone. That moment still shocks me even now. It was so cold with the smirk and all. To see Sam allow Dean to get hurt like that, man, that was a shocker.

Tiny: When Sam smirked as Dean was attacked by a vampire. Seriously, I threw my pillow at the TV. Sam WTF!!! WTF!!!!!

Honourable mention: Castiel being a new god. That was a bold move from the writers!

In the final installment of our Supernatural season six awards, we'll share with you our choice for 'Favourite Sam and Dean Moment', 'Favourite Comedic Moment' and 'Best Episode'. Watch this space!!!

A big thank you and hugs and kisses to Kara and Amy for being some awesome.

This is a collaboration project with Kara and Amy.


  1. That was great!!!! I enjoyed reading every single part in it!!! "The who would be king" just brok my heart I cried like a little baby in the end... rly.. And Balthazar, I love this guy and his death was so unexpected...
    Colt.. Need I say more?

    Amazing writing as always!!!! Keep up the GREAT work Tiny, Amy and Kara just WOW!

    Now I want to see the season again lol

  2. Thanks Mor! So glad you're digging it!!

  3. Thanks Amy... xxxxx

    Thanks Mor -- season 6 is overlooked by many, but it's still the best! :)


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