27 July 2011

SDCC: Supernatural in Hall H.... Feel the Love!

In the wee small hours of the morning, while Australia was fast asleep, the last day of the world's biggest nerd-fest was underway. Supernatural took over Hall H in style. Scream baby scream!

How much do I want to be at Comic Con every year to see Supernatural is beyond words. I was talking to my friend over dinner and she was talking about her friend had a photo with Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica from True Blood). I know there are a few friends in Aussieland would love to head to Comic Con..

Anyway I know I could go to any Supernatural's very own conventions, but I can never get enough.. Did you know, going to conventions is addictive?

Without further adieu, here are some of my thoughts on a few comments from the Supernatural panel and press interviews. You know I can't help it!

“I haven’t forgotten about Adam. We haven’t decided his fate yet, but we haven’t forgotten about him.” — Sera Gamble 

Oh.. what about.. wait let's see... JEFFREY DEAN FRIGGN MORGAN? I haven't forgotten about him either..

“Dean sees Cas as family, nothing more.”— Sera Gamble 

I am glad Sera said that, and it's heart warming to know Dean doesn't think Cas is evil. Dean is angry because he cares. Dean is the best.

“I think Cas stares at Dean so much because he finds him… very interesting.”— Ben Edlund

I can stare at Ben.. because I find him.. very interesting.

"We will be seeing him (Cas) for more than one episode." — Sera Gamble


"You might see me a lot... If you have a poster of me on your wall, you’ll see me daily." — Misha Collins

I know the rules but.. JUST TELL ME ALREADY!

“To say that Dean doesn’t care about Cas is an insult to his morals and his character, if Dean didn’t care he wouldn’t have been so upset when he heard Cas was working for Crowley.”— Ben Edlund

Well said Ben, well said! I almost broke down in tears when I saw this. This is so going to be the recurring theme in season 7. One that I most look forward to.. Can I hug Jensen and Misha and everyone now? (My sis said I have to pay.. what a cruel cruel thing to say!).

Cas is NOT evil. In fact, cast and crew said it's quite the contrary. You get to be your Dad, what would you do differently? Hummm....

“I don’t want to give it away, but you will all be shocked on what happens with Crowley.” — Ben Edlund

Go on.. shock me! A friend on Twitter mentioned that we've seen demons' eyes colour changed -- every demon from YED to Meg; from Alastair to Stunt Demons A, B & C. But we've never seen Crowley's eyes changed.... Just saying...

"It was more difficult the second time, last year it was more ignorance is bliss. I had to be in it more this time." — Jensen Ackles

If Supernatural does go to season eight, I am calling it now, Jensen will be promoted to a co-producer status. Did you notice the way he talked about the show? With confidence! And he talked like a producer!

“Dean is going to have a lot on his plate; Not only will he have to deal with his brother and his memories of Hell, but he’s going to have to deal with Castiel, too.” — Ben Edlund
Sera also said that Dean will be doing some soul searching this season.... Why are we all here?  

"I'm surprised that no one has written a God role for me in my career" prior to this, he said. "It just seems like such a natural fit and Sera saw that and wove it into the scripts." — Misha Collins

When people asked Misha about that stupid church thing accused him as the anti-Christ, Misha was like "How did they find out?" He has such a great sense of humor and it's often sarcastic. Great answer to that question! Sometimes, you just have to laugh about things...especially stupid things. I love you Misha.

Ben Edlund doesn't know if he'd do another full meta episode, but maybe just experiments like Ghost Facers — Ben Edlund

Or spaceship, ninjas... I love how Ben went historical about shuriken and ninjas actually don't use them. Carrying on from that point, and I too also want to see more weapons to be used.. AND I want to know the backstory of Ruby's knife.

And I think it's about bloody time we see a Ghost Facers episode!

"Chuck will not be appearing in the early part of the season, and they have no plans for him." —  Sera Gamble

Damn! But it doesn't mean we won't see Chuck at all, right?!

"You always hurt the ones you love. The better you know somebody the more you can push their buttons." — Jared Padalecki

... and the more they can push yours.

Jim plans to write an episode for Supernatural, but it won't happen until season 46. — Jim Beaver


"I am in season seven?? Sera?... YAY!" — Mark Sheppard


"As long as the writers keep kicking out stories, we will keep doing them." — Jensen Ackles

I am not ready to let it go! Don't end yet! Keep up the great work! I want another hug.. I'll pay! LOL... Supernatural, I am not done with you!

Photo and article credit goes to: WB, SpoilerTV, EW, Digital Spy, AOL

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