03 July 2011

SPECIAL EDITION [PROJECT KARA-AMY-TINY] -- Supernatural Season Six Awards (Part 3)

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Earlier this week, Kara, Amy and I posted part one and part two of our version of the Supernatural season six awards. So without further adieu, may we present the final installment of our Supernatural season six awards.

Best Confrontation

Kara: Bobby and Rufus in the episode And Then There Was None. That whole “I don’t forgive you for what you did and no. We can’t hug it out.” Rufus and Bobby were really enjoyable to watch in the episode, their unspoken grudge – for lack of a better term – was not only intreging but also entertaining.

Honourable mention: In the same episode And Then There Was None with Samuel and Bobby -- “And you must be the man pretending to be their father.” Awesome stuff.

Amy: Dean vs. Grandpa Campbell in Caged Heat. That moment through the cell door. Damn Dean. DAMN! Dean: “I’ll tell you who I am. I’m the guy you never wanna see again. ‘Cause I’ll make it out of here, trust me. And the next time you see me, I’ll be there to kill you.” I repeat. DAMN!

Tiny: Having said the above regarding my disappointment with Grandpa, I feel that he still made an impact this season. Dean and Grandpa have some of the best Winchester/ Campbell confrontations this seasons. I very much enjoyed their confrontation in Family Matters when Dean told Grandpa he should let Mary go and Grandpa said some harsh things to the boys like they didn't meant anything to him, he just wanted Mary back. I feel sorry for him. And I liked him in In the Beginning!

Biggest ‘I KNEW IT’ Moment

Kara: That Crowley died to easily. No ‘big bad’ or ‘King of Hell’ could die in the middle of the season without there being a catch 22. The catch was that he wasn’t really dead. Who knew?

Amy: That was the moment in The Man Who Would Be King when Cas told Sam he was the one who gripped him tight and raised him from perdition....so to speak. A few of us (including Tiny & Kara) had been spit-balling this concept for a while. Lots of people I flew it up the flagpole with were in denial! So when the truth was revealed, I just nodded with the righteous nod of someone feeling vindicated in my smarty-pantsness. I may have even yelled out I KNEW IT to no one in particular when I watched the episode.

Tiny: Crowley is not dead. As if they will let someone so good go, right? No, but his first death in Caged Heat was a bit too easy. I really screamed out loud I KNEW IT when I saw Crowley appeared in the diner at the end of Mommy Dearest.

Best Character Moment

Kara: Sam versing the other Sams. Normally I would probably look for a Dean one, and there were a tone of Dean character moments (one thing Supernatural does really well is character development) but when Sam makes the decision that he is going to deal with all the pain and all the memories and maybe even the risk that he will be a drooling mess watching reruns of Doctor Phil because his brother needs him and he needs his brother – man that was just powerful stuff. Even more so when you think about Sam’s heaven in ‘The other side of the moon’.

Amy: In The Man Who Knew Too Much, I loved how Dean wouldn’t leave Sam’s side when his brother was comatose in the panic room. He sat by Sam’s bed just willing him to pull through. He believed Sam was so strong he would overcome what Cas had done to him by pulling down the wall in his mind. He had so much faith that his brother would wake up, that he left a gun and a note on Sam’s pillow to tell him where to meet him once he finally came to. I loved that moment. It was pure Dean. It was pure Winchester brother love. Even in the darkest times that bond he has with Sam remains all-important. “This is where we’re going to be Sam. You can get your lazy ass outta bed and come and meet us. Sammy please.” Perfect Dean moment. *Sigh*

Honourable mention: In The Man That Knew Too Much when Sam said “I'm not leaving my brother alone out there” when he was facing the Sam that remembered Hell. Love that Sam moment.

Tiny: It's hard just to depict one moment. Castiel had caused some disruptions this season. A lot of things happened off camera and based on what we saw from The Man Who Would Be King onwards, there were a lot of character moments of Castiel. I am glad we saw The Man Who Would Be King first before we got into the final details of Castiel's screw up. It's obvious that the writers wanted us to feel sorry for Castiel, they didn't want us to hate him; they wanted us to understand why he did what he did; and they wanted us to see his confusion and frustration. Whatever the writers' intention was, I feel for Castiel. This episode was jam-packed with stuff about his character and what he really made of deep down. I wish he didn't leave Dean's backyard and went with Crowley in The Man Who Would Be King. I hope season seven will be about Castiel's redemption. Like many fans, I too want to see the 'old' Cas back.

Favourite Sam and Dean Moment

Kara: My favourite Sam and Dean moment didn’t actually happen between them but more about them in The Man Who Knew Too Much. When Sam confronted Hell Sam and told him that he needed to remember everything that happened to him in hell because Dean needed him. Then cut to Dean leaving Sammy with the address and a gun, kind of knowing that Sam is strong and will be able to fight whatever is in his head so he can wake up and fight alongside him.

Honourable mention: When Sam gets his soul back and they get all huggy.

Amy: I’m tempted to say the hug in Like A Virgin, because that was one awesome hug, but I think it was in The French Mistake, when Dean was saying to his brother that maybe Sam’s life was better in the alternative universe and Sam replied, “No, you know, you were right. We just don't mean the same thing here. I mean, we're not even brothers here, man.” Perfect answer Sam and great bro moment. It was around this time that I started to feel that finally, Dean means as much to Sam as Sam means to Dean.

Honourable mention: When the brothers get separated by the door in And Then There Were None and they started calling out each other’s name in desperation. It’d been a while since we’d seen them caring for each other as much as they do in that moment and for the remainder of season six. It was about time and it felt good.

Tiny: All seriousness aside, without the blood and gore, the monsters and the demons scary stuff, Supernatural is a comedy! Last year I singled out the ending of Point of No Return, this year I am going a bit left field by naming the following scene as my favourite Sam and Dean moment -- when Dean and Sam tried to act in The French Mistakes. I mean, Sam and Dean would suck as actors, but not Jared and Jensen!

Favourite Comedic Moment in an Episode

Kara: When Balthazar tried to kill Fate. Seriously just thinking over that moment now while writing this makes me laugh. There have been heaps of moments but to me that’s just my fave.

Amy: Look, it’s probably the whole bad acting scene in The French Mistake. I can’t get through that without just laughing so hard. But that’s probably because of my love for Jared and Jensen and knowing it’s them. I usually only see Sam and Dean, but in that scene I see Jared and Jensen, so having said that, maybe it was the Dean in the serape moment in Frontierland. The whole thing from when he bought it to when he threw it on the ground in massive disappointment! Bless.

Tiny: OMG Misha's been stabbed to death! Where? WHERE? 

Honourable mention: When Dean almost had an Excalibur moment. Dean's expression and the soundtrack made that scene so hilarious!

Biggest Unanswered Question

Kara: I am going to go all the way back to the very first episode of season six to answer this question. While Dean is all roofied on Jinn juice, he sees Yellow Eyes and Yellow Eyes says something to the degree of ‘You know whats going to happen with Ben (but I am presuming all the ‘special children’) and you can’t admit it to yourself.’ Maybe it was just a throwaway line but I don’t care. The new breed of special children has been a HUGE unanswered plot point since season one.

Amy: I wasn’t left with too many unanswered question at the end of season six, because they did a pretty good job of wrapping it all up in the final three episodes of the season, but I’d seriously love to know what the hell Dean’s Alpha-vamp induced dream was all about. I dissected that thinking it must have significance, but alas apparently not! Actually my question is probably for the writers, what was the point of The Campbells?

Tiny: Am I ever going to be on the show? Oh wait.. no…. Is the Impala the true vessel of God? No, seriously.. I think most questions were answered by the end of season six. Except one and it's personal: what's with the twins in Dean's dream? It probably means nothing, but it's haunting me. Supernatural never threw something in the air and not follow through it. So I was really hoping for an answer. Just give me something! Anything!

Best Moment in Season Six

Kara: I loved at the end of And Then There Were None when Dean said to Bobby and Sam “We are family and if you do anything don’t worry I forgive you. I don’t want to die and you feeling any regrets or that I am still holding onto a grudge.” The shame about that it wont carry onto the whole Cas situation.

Amy: Tough one. Let’s see.... Would it be cliché to say the moment Dean pulled the tarp off the Impala at the end of Two And A Half Man? I think because of Exile On Main Street (which I love by the way), we were all a little squiggly about where season six was going in relation to Dean. Dean seemed, well, not all that Deanish. Then....... ba ba barrrr ba ba ba barrrr ba ba barrrrr ba barrrrr whoosh, tarp comes off and Dean is back. It was pure porn and I’m still trying to figure out if I’ve ever seen anything sexier than that. IT.WAS.HOT.

Tiny: 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions' is one of the recurring themes in Supernatural. Cas caused some major disruptions this year, we've seen his lies, his secret, his confusion and his inner struggle. But Dean, Sam and Bobby didn't know any of this until Cas accidentally quoted Bobby's conversation with the brothers in The Man Who Would Be King: "They are dealing with a Superman who's gone dark side". Everything came to a halt and everything was going to explode! I gasped when I watched this scene. I just think that this scene has so much stuff in it. Don't get me wrong, I don't love to see Cas go bad, I know some fans don't like it, but I like it because I like the complicity added to a character and I want to see how his friends deal with his new status as a god. I mentioned it previously that saving people isn't just about saving them from physically pain, it's also about saving people from their own darkness. I love that about Supernatural. Will friendship prevail? Will Cas be saved by his friends? I have faith in Cas, I think he will gain redemption one day.

Best Episode

Kara: And Then There Were None. This episode is one of the strongest episodes of the season. While season six did end very strong And Then There Were None built up that claustrophobic feel that was very captivating. It also allowed gave a new shade to Bobby’s character that we normally think can do no wrong.

Amy: I’m going to say The Man Who Would Be King. It was a lovely hour of television. Beautifully constructed, written, directed, acted. It was terribly heart breaking. There were wonderful character moments, smart dialogue, really cool ideas, I mean; Hell is an eternal queue with lift music! Brilliant and there’s brilliance at every turn. It’s an excellent example of what makes Supernatural great. It’s pretty close to being perfect.

Tiny: The Man Who Would Be King is my favourite episode in season six. I love the narrative style, which is something we haven't seen before in Supernatural. I love Ben Edlund's writing. I love his directing. I love the cast performance. This is the best written episode in my opinion.

So there you have it! I hope you've enjoyed reading our thoughts on season six. A personal thank you to Kara and Amy, who are so much fun to work with. Thank you for the caring and sharing. It was certainly a great way to wrap up our feelings for season six.

I hope you are all surviving the hellatus. Season seven... BRING IT!

This is a collaboration project with Kara and Amy. 


  1. Great work Tiny! Thanks for letting me join in. I really enjoyed it. It took lots of our combined brain power but we did good! Thanks for being awesome!

  2. Amazing as always my friends :)
    Great work!!!!
    -I had no idea that Cas was the one who raise him from perdition.. I was like WTH!? when he said it.. I was sure it was God.. But I didnt get it when I saw Sam is soulless...
    -Hahaha Balthazar and Fate "ah... Awekward"
    and many more...
    Thank you so much!!! ><

    BTW- Beautiful new design for my favorite blog- the Impala's Trunk :) Love it!
    Kisses, Mor

  3. Thanks Amy - thanks for being so awesome too!

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  4. Thanks Mor... Agree. The OMG & WTF moments in S6 weren't as epic as s4 & 5.. BUT, it's still awesome and I really love s6 more so than before..

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