10 July 2011

Supernatural season seven -- guest stars galore

I know the headline is a bit too over the top, not that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is returning. But the guest starts line up is getting me excited, like ice-cream Sunday.

Colin Ford returns as young Sam Winchester, I love young Sammy before he is overgrown. Jewel Staite (Firefly and Stargate Atlantis) is another guest star I love. Anytime I see actors from other shows I love appearing on Supernatural or Smallville, I go nuts. Remember how excited I was when Michael Shanks was announced to appear on Supernatural and Smallville. Both Colin and Jewel are appearing in the episode Jensen directs. Fantasbulous!

  Source: Susan Gittins

With the tweet from Alona Tal, I haven't seen any official confirmation out there. However, I am 99% sure Alona will be back and I am really really excited to see the return of Jo. I cannot wait! I still think she is the one for Dean.. what are you gonna do? Sue me? LOL..

Other guest stars who I would love to see returning before the show ends include Richard Speight Jr, Rob Benedict, Matt Cohen, Amy Gumenick, Chad Lindberg, Mark Pellegrino and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Think I have a better chance of winning the lottery? I think it's just a matter of time and opportunity -- the guest stars appearance that is... not my chance of winning the lottery!

Supernatural season seven premieres on The CW on 23 September. Supernatural is scheduled to appear at Comic-Con (Hall H) on Sunday, 24 July, the panel will be moderated by EricIGN I am expecting more update a week leading up to Comic Con, so watch this space! For now, check out Eric's summary of shows appearing at Comic Con.

I should also mention, Supernatural: The Anime Series will have a screening on Wednesday, 20  July in Ballroom 20 at Comic Con.

Source: Zap2It & check out Susan Gittins' location photos

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