08 July 2011

L'Oreal, why haven't you asked Jensen, Jared & Misha to be your spokeperson?

In light of Hugh Laurie as the new face of L'Oreal, not even he understands why, I thought wouldn't it be awesome if L'Oreal ask our MEN to do this.. I mean.. seriously!!! Like.. HELLO HANDSOME!

I took the liberty of designing this for L'Oreal's perusal.

I mean, Jared should be selling hair gel but this will do for now.

That is all.. As you were... 

If you want to use reuse these photos, please reference me.


  1. HAHAHA!!! Tiny!!! You have missed your calling! You should be in advertising! These look like the real deal!! AWESOME!!! And yes....this needs to happen, can you sort that for me??

  2. LOL... Thanks Amy. I should be a talent scout or casting manager! :)


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