03 July 2011

Announcing The Impala's Glove Box

Last year, something happened.. and I've decided to write my first fanfic. I did. But I didn't post it anywhere. Only one person in the entire universe had read it.

Today, or last week rather, I have decided to post my first fanfic on the newly created The Impala's Glove Box -- the brother-site of The Impala's Trunk. So, from now on, if and when I finish writing a fanfic (likely to be Supernatural related), I'll post them on the Glove Box. I know there are heaps of sites for this sort of stuff, but I have low self esteem... and I am naturally lazy.

Watch this space... I LOST MY SHOE -- The Sam Winchester Story is coming to you sooner than you think!

An extract (chapter one):

"......... As Sam approached the Rabbit, a sharp dagger suddenly flew pass him. It missed Sam but it went through his jacket’s sleeve pinning him to the tree. Sam looked across the field to the party where the crowd was gathered. The young stunning girl caught Sam’s attention. She gave him the death stare. The minds of two enemies were oddly connected as their eyes met. Everything came to a halt. Trees whispered softly in the wind. Falling autumn leaves blowing in the breeze in slow-motion. 

Their eyes fixed on each other intensely. Sam did not take his eyes off the girl as he pulled the dagger off the tree, freeing his left arm. The girl was being congratulating by her relatives and friends, but they meant nothing to her. She too did not take her eyes off Sam. Sam made a slight movement with his upper body, suggesting a ‘ready to sprint’ gesture. The girl, without causing attention from the party people, lifted up her dress slightly and took off her heels, she was ready to run.

On their mark. Get. Set. Go. ..........."

Please be kind... this is my first.

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