02 July 2011

About my playlist - if it wasn't Supernatural.....

Where do people gain their music knowledge? How do they develop their taste in music?

The past 3 to 4 years, my habit of collecting music has changed. I don't know if it's because music is more accessible from platforms such iTune or internet. If I hear a song from a TV show or from the coffee shop, I do a search or Shazam it, I download it straight away. If I want to know about the song or the artist, I get instant information from the web. Appreciation in real time.

Popular culture introduces and re-introduces music to me on a weekly basis. For example, when I watch Supernatural and Chuck, music is one of the things I most look forward to. Here are a few facts:

- If it wasn't Supernatural, I wouldn't be listening to Kansas, AD/DC, REO Speedwagon or ... even Kenny Rogers. Dear God!

- If it wasn't Glee, I wouldn't be listening to Barbra Streisand and Journey. And because of Glee, I am crazy about Wicked all over again. Defying Gravity definitely changed my life! I made some life changing decisions because I deserved the chance to fly... I am defying gravity. Shut up!

- If it was't Be Kind Rewind, I wouldn't know who Fats Waller was.

- Because of that trip to the Italian bread shop, Ricchi e Poveri's Che sarà is the most random addition to my playlist... EVER!

- If it wasn't the long queue in the bathroom at that function, I wouldn't have Emiliana Torrini's music on my playlist.

- If it wasn't that stupid work trip, I wouldn't have a chance to see the trailer of Treme. Since then, I have been listening to John Boutte.

- If it wasn't Ewan McGregor, I wouldn't be listening to Stereophonics and 50 hz.

- Because of that big shopping day at A&F, Matthew Sweet's Time Capsule is now one of my favourite songs... of all time.

- If it wasn't Back to the Future, awesome stuff from The Chordettes, Marvin Berry and The Starlighters wouldn't have a place on my playlist.

- If it wasn't Smallville, I wouldn't have come to appreciate the very talented Kim Taylors.

- If it wasn't Chuck, Austin Hartley-Leonard, Kendall Jane Meade, Your Vegas and Slow Club would be unknown to me.

- And because I love Juno, I love The Moldy Peaches.

- If my Twitter friend didn't recommand a fanmade vid about Castiel... Athlete.. hello.. like.. who are you and why haven't heard your stuff before?

- Every time I listen to Pink Martini, it reminds me of that dinner party in London three years ago. Good times!

- Because I love all things Apple, Yael Naïm's New Soul is one of the most played song on my list.

- If it wasn't Jarpad, I wouldn't know who the BBB is.

- If it wasn't Jensen Ackles, I would've live my life not knowing about an awesome song like The Weight and music from the very talented Steve Carlson and Jason Manns.

You get my drift?!

As of today, I have a total of 819 songs on my iTune. I pulled some stats just now from my playlist and here are the five most played songs from my iTune:

1. Kansas's Carry On Wayward Son holds the number one spot on my playlist with 837 hits since 2008.

2. The Shins's New Slang comes second with 707 hits.

3. Jesus & Mary Chain's Just Like Honey holds the third spot with 666 hits.

4. Glee's My Life Would Suck Without You comes 4th with 617 hits.

5. REO Speedwagon's Can't Fight This Feeling comes 5th with 597 hits.

(Alicia Keys's Karma comes last with only 2 hits. I don't know why!)

Do you have a playlist to help you get through your work day? When I write, and it depends on what kind of stuff I am writing, I always have different playlists for different purposes.

To me, music is an integral part of my life. It's therapeutic. It's personal. The other day, I was forced to share my playlist at work, I felt naked. I felt so exposed. It was like sharing a piece of me with the world.

I love what I am listening, they inspire me.

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