13 July 2011

Let the filming begin - Supernatural set photos

Thanks to Amy for the heads up. I am going to be up front about it... PUNKD Images, I am stealing your photos... Don't sue me. I can't resist hot-delicious Jensen Ackles even when he is just standing up or walking or .... I am waffling.

Supernatural season seven filming has commenced last week with Jensen's directorial episode. This should be 7.03, order is subject to change.. but this episode features guest stars Jewel Staite and Colin Fords.

So.. I want you to.. do this...

I heard yum cha is good in Vancouver.
Do they have mango pancakes?
Yeah baby..

1 comment:

  1. Love it!!!!!!
    Im so exited! "So.. I want you to... do this" Epic! lol
    Keep them comming Tiny!!!



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