13 July 2011

Eric Kripke to write and direct WB's Haunted

So, what is this Haunted thing by Eric Kripke? According to various sources, Haunted is a movie picked up by Warner Bros. Eric Kripke will write and direct the movie. This is also co-produced by Greg Berlanti (co-screenwriter and producer for The Green Lantern) and Kevin McCormack.

Haunted is a tale of a haunted house told from the ghost's point of view. Can my hero can make the leap to directing movies from directing TV? HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!! It'd be awesome to have some Supernatural cast members in the movie!!

I'll be watching this closely!!!

Source: Variety and ScreenRant

But dude... you're the best thing I've ever directed..

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  1. I want to see it too!!!!
    But this pic hahahaha "But dude.." ROTFLMAO... you're good :)
    The umbrella behind Jensen is like a target: Mor! strike the red circle to hit the hottest man on earth! lol
    Love everything about your site!!!


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