26 July 2010

Comic Con 2010 - Best of Day 4 (Part II - Supernatural)

Holy Tiny! I have to finish the Comic Con write-up with Supernatural. So let's start the engine again.

Source: SpoilerTV (Photo belongs to Warner Bros. Television Entertainment/Greg Gayne)

Source: TV Squad (Photo belongs to Warner Bros. Television Entertainment/Greg Gayne)

[Beware of spoilers]

Supernatural season 6 is going to pay homage to season 1 with the monster of the week route and I am cool with it.

The show will pick up a year later with Dean living a normal life working at a construction site. Dean is living with Lisa and Ben, he has a homemade meal and falls a sleep in a normal bed every night. He is a family guy. I assume this is where Sam comes in, he has been hunting by himself for a year and Dean know nothing about it. Something is going to happen and they will be back on the road, saving people, hunting things, family business. Dean will try very hard to protect his family, Lisa and Ben included.

Photos belong to Warner Bros. Television Entertainment/Greg Gayne

This season will have a lot of monsters and the show will revisit supernatural creatures like vampires and Djinn. Castiel is now the head cheese in Heaven. Bobby's demon deal with Crowley will continue to have a place in season 6. Clark Kent is not going to fly over Kansas and Dr Sheldon Cooper is not going appear as a guest-star to explain all things supernatural with a scientific perspective.

Onto the panel: Jensen kicked things off by introducing a clip of Weekend at Bobby's, directed by Jensen. I can't find a clip of the actual episode. I'm sure I'll find one later.

Jensen talks about season 6 and someone brought up Dean's shirt is tucked in. You will see other clips there.

Misha Collins talked about Castiel.

Let's go to the interviews. Yeah. Visual is good!

Jensen Ackles talks to Zap2It.

Misha Collins talked to BuzzFocus. He is so cute and honest!! We love Misha! Beware: Misha tells us nothing in the interview! Hehe.

At the signing by Buzz Focus:

Chris McLaughlin (TV PR guy at WB) has a good shot of the guys.

WinchesterBros has tones of photos.

Photo belongs to Warner Bros. Television Entertainment/Greg Gayne

There is a collective exclusive cast interview on
MovieWeb. The dude who asked Jensen when will he direct the movie, should really do his homework!!!!

There are tones of interviews and photos! Here are my source list. Beware of spoilers:

TV Squad has a collection of cast interview from the press room
Alice Jester interviewed Jensen Ackles
DigitalSpy has a live blog with the minute by minute notes
Clarissa and Jim Halterman have some really cool photos from the press room

Eyes popped. Brain fried. Time for bed.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I hated missing Comic Con! :(

  2. Thanks so much for all your work! I count on you and you always come through! Wonderful. I can hardly wait till September!


  3. Thanks for the kind words! :D

  4. Hi sweetie!!!
    I've been quite busy and away from the inet so haven't seen much of the ComicCon and here you are, with a master post of supernatural goodies :D

    September, where are you?????

    And Dean... Dean in a construction site??? Did I died and went to heaven??? hahahahaha!!!!

    Thanks hun for posting this :D

    See u around...



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