07 September 2011

Supernatural Spoiler Pics; New God & Old Death

Just saw a few photos from the season premier of Supernatural. I am really REALLY intrigued. Like.. REALLY intrigued.

Ah! I love that finally I have the opportunity to put my theories together..

If you have read spoilers about this season, you'd know in dealing with Cas' role as the new God, Dean called Death for 'help'. But Death is pissed off at Dean.. I wonder why. I'd go further from what I blogged about Death early this year. The whole natural progression thing is more important to Death. Having created humans -- who are able to live their lives, have offsprings and at the end of their lives they die -- God's job is done a LONG time ago, he has set the scene and the playground and he is 'retired'.

With Death, he doesn't create lives, he reaps them when their time's up. God doesn't interfere with what goes on in people's lives between their birth and death. Death is happy.. yeah?

Now, with Cas-God going all 'I'm going to set things right', perhaps Death knows Cas-God would interfere and cause disruptions to the natural order, which is not beneficial to Death. Death was all cryptic about the souls when last spoke with Dean in Appointment in Samarra, he said, "... you have use. Right now you're digging at something, intrepid detective. I want you to keep digging, Dean." But Dean didn't really know what he meant, he didn't even think about it. I don't recall anything on Dean digging about this after that episode. Perhaps Death is pissed off about Dean's lack of action? Time will tell...

Death: "For pie sake, you're a new God, go get yourself a new tailor!"
Death: "I love me some cheap food."
For more photos and details about the season premier, visit Zap2It.


  1. And Death is eating bad food again Tiny!

  2. Death can eat deep fried Jarpad if he wants to, coz bad food doesn't kill Death..

  3. We can try feeding Strawberry iced Krispy Kreme Donuts to Death! That will surely do the killing!! ; )

  4. What about 'a good laugh'? Coz Death is not used to laughing.. that might kill him too..

    I am being silly!

    Thanks for the visit :)


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