22 September 2011

Interview with Sera Gamble & Robert Singer; Crossroad Podcast Live show

Here's how my day works. I get out of bed. I get ready for work. I catch the bus. I get to work. I work. I eat. I drink coffee. Occasionally I move my ass if I'm not too busy. After a day dealing with people, I go home. In between these actions, I catch Supernatural news and I get on Twitter reporting for duty. I call it research.

On a big news day like today, it's very busy. I am talking about Supernatural of course, who cares about what I do at work! My Twitter timeline is exploded with spoilers today! The power of Godstiel compels evil spoilers! But hey, I have a duty to feed my blog. As long as they are not spoiler clips from the actual episodes.

Enough said!
“Dean is going to have lots of issues…that he’s going to have to deal with... A big turning point will come in episode four...." -- Robert Singer on the weight on Dean's shoulder
Sera Gamble and Robert Singer did an interview with LA TV Examiner very recently, where they talked about the weight on Dean's shoulders and Sam's wall. It's going to be a very emotional ride this year and there will be plenty of opportunity for Jensen and Jared to shine as an actor. Come one! Go for the Emmys! But I know, our boys are way better than those clowns, right? 
“They don’t have very many people, they’re clearly better working together, and they need each other in so many ways.” -- Sera Gamble on the brother's relationship
There are a few separate articles for each of your favorite Winchester. For Dean, click here. For Sammy, click here. For Castiel and Crowley (sorry, he has to share), click here. TVLine also has a good summary of all things talked about.
“Eric [Kripke] liked to say, ‘Every villain is the hero of his own story...’” -- Sera Gamble on Castiel as the new God
If you are not listening to the Crossroads Podcast, what the hell is wrong with you!? It's the best Supernatural podcast in my opinion! There will be a live show this Saturday, September 24th at 10pm EST (USA). If you are in Australia, it will be on Sunday 1pm AEST. Don't miss it and join us for good times. The live show will be on UStream.

Guy Bee tweeted about something today... two of my heroes working on the same episode.. EPIC!! Guy Bee is directing 7.09, a script by Ben Edlund. You know, I wish Convention organisers would invite the writers and directors to conventions more! I'd hug Ben and touch his beard!

Last but not least, Jensen and Jared are involved in the Once Upon A Cure Gala -- a Gala for the Hunter Syndrome Research. Read more here.

2 more sleeps to go..

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