18 September 2011

6 sleeps to go -- More Jensen & Jared on 10 On Top; Supernatural gets fast-tracked to Australia

I swear this is the only thing that keeps me going! I love these guys, that's all.. I can post embedded link with BlogPress, so if you haven't seen J2 on this week's MTV's 10 On Top, click here. Supernatural makes it to the number two spot this week. Who is number one? I honestly don't give a damn.

On another exciting news for Aussie fans, Eleven is fast-tracking season seven of Supernatural, starting from Monday 3rd October 8:30PM. This is one week after the US. Smallville is currently scheduled to follow Supernatural. This is exciting! This is a great lead in for Smallville. It's funny, because it used to be the other way around on the CW. But I love it! I will be watching both shows regardless. Source TVTonight. With Being Human's season finale is airing tomorrow night, Eleven needs shows to go on, I think they are doing a fantastic job so far. I wish they will follow through.

I am bracing for another busy season for episode review. Yay! I am so excited about season seven, more so than season six because there is a new storyline and this time, I actually know how to expect the unexpected.

PS Kara, Amy and myself have another project lined up for Xmas.. Watch this space!

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