15 September 2011

Supernatural 7.03 The Girl Next Door Synopsis; Episode 7.08 Title

It's almost here, Supernatural season seven premiers next Friday on the CW with Meet the New Boss. I am sure the preview clips will be released very soon. But as always, my policy is that I don't post spoiler clips and on occasion I go into a lockdown ☺

Anyhoo... I came across the synopsis of episode 7.03 The Girl Next Door which is directed by Jensen Ackles, with guest star Jewel Staite (Firefly, Stargate Atlantis) and Colin Ford (aka Young Sammy).

JENSEN ACKLES DIRECTS --- Dean (Jensen Ackles) is furious after Sam (Jared Padalecki) disappears to follow a lead on a case with clues that are identical to a case Sam solved as a kid. The demon turns out to be Amy (guest star Jewel Staite), who has been killing low-life thugs and taking their brains for dinner - the same demon Sam found as a kid. Jensen Ackles directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin.Source SpoilerTV

SpoilerTV also posted the episode title for 7.08. It's... Time for a Wedding. Source SpoilerTV

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