18 September 2011

Life sucks without Internet -- Aussie Telcos, I wish I could love you more.. or at all

I just wanted to start by a negative remark regarding telcos in Australia, they are so disappointing. If you are one of the biggest in the country, why are you so beyond with technology and service? Occasionally I enjoy retail experience, you get the face-to-face personalized service. The retail staff is the face of the brand, the role of the customer-facing front-line staff is important. I honestly did not expect to see staff literally lying on the sofa, yawning, falling asleep at a major telco retail store in the city when I walked in. They simply did not care, their voice was lazy and sleepy, unprofessional, slack and lack of knowledge. I honestly don't know why you still have a job. If I were your boss, I'd fire you on the spot. They were nothing but a waste of time.

So I left and went home to call the tech support instead. I should mention earlier that I was having issues with my USB wireless modem, it is not compatible with my newly upgraded Lion aka 10.7. That's fine, because I know I could always get the mini modern, pocket wifi thing. But I thought I give it one momay try, may be they just haven't released a new software update online. So I called the technical support.

When I asked if they are compatible with Lion, they said: "Sorry, we are not compatible with the new OS. But you can still use it." I thought, ok that's good, it's a sign. But no, wait for it.. I asked, "OK, tell me how." The lady said, "You can downgrade to 10.6."

What a dumb-ass reply! She also gave me some reconfiguration for PC, I am like I DON'T USE A FUDGING PC! I NEVER WILL! There are other things too, but after 30 mins on the phone, I cancelled the service. There was an awkward 30 seconds dead air. Jesus Christ. I know they could've upsell their pocket wifi device to me, but no. The attitude was like FINE THEN! So I was like.. Fine then! You just lost a customer.

It's interesting, my friend said may they didn't go to WWDC. It's been a few months since Lion was released, surely you have enough time to figure out whatever the problem is. Why is this happening? This should be easy, right? I still stand by the fact that the industry has to get moving, and don't fall behind. But obviously some people will never catch up even if they try. Too harsh? I am just a pissed off customer right now.

So, I have moved on to another telco, I have decided to try their pre-paid service first, because if they suck, I am screwed for the next 24 months. I know they are reliable, I know it will work with Lion, because after all night researching, talking to people and reading bloggers' comments, it gave me enough comfort to go to a new telco.

But guess what? Their activation service is under maintenance today. Can't do it over the phone, can't do it online either. How hard is it to activate the SIM for fudge sake?!

Fudge! Why do we always have problem with telcos? Why are we wasting so much time because of their incompetence? Why do we have to spend so much time looking for solutions ourselves when it should be their job to help me and to provide seamless services and support?

Until I get my Internet back, I will be blogging from my iPad. Hopefully my Internet problem will be resolved soon.

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