26 September 2011

JJ Abrams & Eric Kripke Team Up for NBC's Revolution

This is my dream team.. I know I have many, but this is beyond word. I was really really happy when I learnt JJ Abrams and Eric Krikpe have teamed up to develop a new TV pilot for NBC called Revolution. Source: TVLine

No further details have been released, but it will be an 'epic adventure thriller'. I so want to watch this. Please get a full ride!

Kripke is also developing a TV show based on DC Comic, Deadman for the CW network. He is also a Consulting Producer for Supernatural, which he created, for those who don't know. Kripke is also writing for a feature horror movie, Haunted. Does he sleep at all?

I am assuming only one of his TV projects will get the green light, I mean he can't be in two places at once. But it is not impossible to have both new shows to get the green light. And I hope they both do! The NBC one looks more promising, not discrediting Kripke (he is my hero), just that JJ is a hot property right now, he is the Chris Nolan of TV land.

I can't get enough of Kripke. I miss his work, I miss his story, I can't wait to see more good stuff from him.

Speaking of not getting enough (not the naughty way), I really need more Ben Edlund and Jeremy Carver, I love their writing, I love their episodes. I guess that's why I am so excited about Supernatural 7.02 Hello Cruel World, and Carver's Being Human. This is probably my favorite new show on TV right now. It's pretty full on sometimes, but I like it a lot.

Stay tuned for more Kripke news.

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