10 September 2011

Jensen Ackles - The Director

How much do you know this guy? I have been in love with this guys since the first time I watched the show back to its season two. There is more to than meets the eye.

I feel like I've been watching him growing as an actor. When I caught up with his earlier works such as Dark Angel and Smallville, I thought he was good, but Supernatural is his best to date. And there is more to come! I see great things from Jensen Ackles because he sure has the the talent, the heart and most important his soul is pure when it comes to what he really wants from his career.

Jensen Ackles is not a celebrity. He is an actor and a director -- a damn good one. Watch out Clooney!

The special feature, Jensen Ackles: the Director's Journey, debuts on the Supernatural Season Six DVD.. oh wait.. it's already on YouTube! Here is Part I and Part II. Enjoy! I have never seen Jensen so tense and serious. This is a different Jensen from the one I saw at conventions and other behind the scene features. I love how genuine he was. I love that about him. Don't ever change Jensen!

The Supernatural Season Six DVD releases this week on 13 Sept 2011.

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  1. Great minds Tiny, great minds. He makes me so proud, proud of his work, proud of his ethics, proud to be a fan, proud he's on the show I love, proud of who he is. He's awesome. I love him to pieces, as well you know. :) -Amy


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