02 August 2011

The Longest Supernatural Rewatch - August 7, 11am, Sydney Time

Dude, the ladies are doing a marathon on my fav episodes.. Sweet!
Ok folks... the longest Supernatural rewatch is taking place this Sunday 7th August at 11am (Sydney time). We are doing a massive six episodes marathon.

Here are the episodes:

Heaven & Hell
On the Head of the Pin
The End
Let It Bleed

How did the idea come about? Well... Thanks to my Twitter friends Amy & Nicole for bringing this up. Jensen spoke with TV Guide recently and handpicked a few memorable episodes to talk about.

As per usual, we will be watching and tweeting about the episodes. So if you want to join our conversation, please follow the many me Tiny; Tiny Panic Room; Tiny Flatbread (You must follow all accounts in case I go to Twitter jail.) And also follow, Amy and Nicole

We are using the hashtag: #JAPicks

So, be there or be square! Get your DVD or download ready and we'll see you this Sunday (7th August) at 11am Sydney time on Twitter! Be sure to check your timezone.

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