22 January 2011

Aussie mission - SPN gets some Aussie love

Supernatural usually doesn't get a lot of love in the PR department. The new digital channel in Australia, Eleven, has been promoting shows from The Simpsons to Supernatural and Smallville on their channel, they are also doing a pretty job with street advertising. Twitter friend Vanda did the most awesome thing, she took a few photos of the poster ad on a Melbourne tram, which features Jensen Ackles, Marge Simpson, David Duchovney and others. You can see the photos on WinchesterBros' Facebook page.

I have also seen the same ad on a bus in Sydney, I will keep an eye on it in coming days. I have been told about another poster ad in Sydney, which feature Jensen's big pretty face on a building somewhere. I am going to find it this week and take photos of it. Wish me luck and stay tuned!

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