03 January 2011

[Update] Feel the love again... Supernatural, Smallville and more returning to Australia on 11th Jan 2011

As mentioned earlier, Aussie fans are feeling the love again. Channel Ten is launching the new digital channel, Eleven, on Tuesday 11 January, 2011.

Eleven will air Supernatural season 5. From what I can see on the TV spot, Smallville will resume from season 8. I can only assume SGU will either start from the beginning or from where it was left off, which was like 4 or 5 episodes in. I can't locate any program schedule yet, but you'll know when we all know!

Any promo from Eleven is better than no promo. It's pretty ok but if you haven't seen Supernatural season 6, the trailer is pretty spoilery.

Here is an old promo Jensen and Jared did for Channel Ten a few years ago, probably in its first or second year on Channel Ten.

I'll be watching to support the shows!

Here is the loop on Eleven with various shows:


  1. dude are you aussie? if you are.. freaken awesome! we need more fans like you!!! ive learn't not to really on ten.. i just want them to get a move on so i can watch the sixth season.. Were can i watch s6 eps? is the dvd out in the states?? im desprate and impatient lol!! mazz

  2. Indeed I am an Aussie!! Season 6 DVD is not out anywhere because we are only half way through season 6, which has been really awesome. Can't top the apocalypse but still awesome. I have an US iTune account, I usually download it from there. Follow me on Twitter I can keep you posted.


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