09 January 2011

[33 Days to Go] Salute to Supernatural: LA Con 2011 (11-13 Feb, 2011)

33 days to go!! That's right, if you haven't heard, yours truly is attending the Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural in LA next month. (Code name: LACon2011) The convention will be held from Friday 11 Feb to Sunday 13 Feb at the Marriott Los Angeles Airport. Confirmed guests so far include the following. Further guests to be announced.

Friday only

Amy Gumenick
Matt Cohen
Katherine Boecher

Saturday only
Misha Collins
Mark Sheppard
Aldis Hodge
Traci Dinwiddie
Kym Rhodes

Sunday only
Jensen Ackles
Jared Padalecki
Brock Kelly (aka high school Dean)

Other guests I personally hope to see on stage include Jim Beaver, Rob Benedict, Mark Pellegrino, Mitch Pileggi and Richard Speight Jr. 33 days to go and counting, I hope organisers will announce more guests soon. FYI the San Francisco Con is held this week on 14-16 Jan at the Westin St Francis. We assume more guests will be announced for LACon2011 after the San Fran Con. Fingers crossed!! Speaking of the San Fran Con, I don't know the Twitter hashtag yet, but I am sure it will surface closer to date. I will be following all the tweets.

Back to LACon2011, I have a weekend pass so I will be attending all sessions throughout the weekend. My friend and I got pretty good tickets a few months back, and we are really excited. My friend and I aside, a group of Aussies will be there too. I can't wait to meet them and party!!

I have only been to a Supernatural convention once in Sydney 2 years ago. I was too busy taking photos, videos and tweeting during the sessions and it was too overwhelming. LACon2011 is likely to be my only overseas Supernatural convention and I really want to enjoy every second of it. So I can't promise I will be tweeting live, however, I promise you like Dean promised John to take care of Sammy, I will be adding my convention experience to the Impala's Trunk including reports, photos and videos. I will also be taking a short holiday after the Con, so don't freak if you don't hear from me. You can follow me on Twitter for update. You can also visit/ bookmark/ subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

One more thing, as a reminder we are doing a Kim Manners rewatch on Sunday 23rd January (1pm, Sydney time). Join us if you are free. Details here.


  1. Hi,
    I've just recently started following your blog :)
    I love anything & everything Supernatural and your blog is amazing. I love reading & I can't wait to hear updates from the convention!!!
    I'm quite jealous.
    Anyway. Can't wait for the details.
    Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the visit. Glad you like my blog. I will certainly keep you posted :)


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