27 January 2011

[16 Days to Go] Salute to Supernatural: LA Con 2011 (11-13 Feb, 2011)

OMG.. Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Can you feel it? I am so excited, I am looking at my ticket everyday now, and I think I may start packing my suitcase!!!

Today, CreationCon announced the appearance of Richard Speight Jr. I love Richard for what he did on Supernatural. I love his character so much! Steven Williams (aka Rufus) will also make an appearance at LAcon, but he is on Friday. I only have the weekend pass! I would've love to meet Mr. X.

Here is the updated line-up:

Friday only
Amy Gumenick
Matt Cohen
Katherine Boecher
Steven Williams

Saturday only
Misha Collins
Mark Sheppard
Richard Speight Jr.
Traci Dinwiddie
Kym Rhodes

Sunday only
Jensen Ackles
Jared Padalecki
Brock Kelly (aka high school Dean)

A special (and unfortunately private) jam session of
Jensen Ackles and Jason Manns has been announced. Only 50 people are allocated into the jam session, 30 tickets are currently on auction, 15-20 tickets may be up for purchase at the convention. I think it's really sad that not everyone get to see them jam. I mean, I would love to see even just one song on stage, so that everyone can see them play and sing. With the auction method, it's already up to $511 with 6 days to go. I am just saying that not everyone can effort it. *SCREAM* It's best for me not to think about this one!

On the bright side, Brian Buckley Band has announced via Twitter that they will perform at LACon on Friday 11 Feb. It's safe to say they will play in the evening.

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