07 January 2011

[SPN & SMV Spoilers] Ohhh... Some like it Gen, Some like it Superman

Ok so, you have probably have heard.. and this is not a joke. I repeat this is not a joke. In an up-coming episode of Supernatural, Dean and Sam will be transported to an alternate reality, they become Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. HA! And it gets crazier, Genevieve Cortese will play Jared's (I mean Sam's) wife.. Getting the Changing Channels and WIAWSNB vibe? WTF!! But I think this is going to be funny! Source: SpoilerTV

"It's crazy, right?! RIGHT?!"

On another note, Jim Beaver will be on 4 Supernatural episodes in a row... Can't get enough of Uncle Bobby!!!

I am screaming like a 10 year old fan girl. Look! Look at the reflection of Clark on the House of El - it is SUPERMAN!!! Will we or will we not see Tom Welling in his Superman suit? OMFG!!!!! I cannot wait.

Like it or not, Tom Welling is the Superman of our generation. Sorry Brandon Routh.
Superman Returns just doesn't work for me and doesn't work at all.

Source: SpoilerTV

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