30 January 2011

[12 days to go] Salute to Supernatural: LACon 2011 (11-13 Feb, 2011)

I was speaking to my friends last night about my trip. It's just getting closer and closer, I can't contain my excitement. I tested my new camera last night during a function & I learnt a few tricks which will help me taking pics at LACon.

I have been looking at ways to blog from my iPad. I finally found this app called BlogPress. So here it is, this is my first post via BlogPress.

I am also looking at other blog services such as Wordpress and Typepad etc.. I also noticed Blogspot has some new features which I haven't looked at. More research is required so that I can enhance my blog further.

That is all for now. I am hungry :)



  1. Are you on facebook? if not you should be!! LOVING those cowboy dean pics btw. :) ;) maz

  2. I am not active on FB. Glad you like the cowboy Deans.

    I take request and I will do my best :)



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