29 January 2011

Revised schedule for Supernatural and Smallville

Are we over it yet? Have we forgiven the CW? Here is the revised schedule for up-coming episodes of Smallville and Supernatural, starting from next Friday (2 Feb). Source: SpoilerTV

Feb 2: repeats of
Smallville's 'Icarus' and Supernatural's 'Appointment in Samarra'
Feb 4: new episodes
Feb 11: new episodes
Feb 18: new episodes
Feb 25: new episodes
March 4: new episodes
March 11: repeats begin; both shows will return in April on a date to be announced later

I hope I will still get the chance to watch the episodes on Feb 11 & 18 as I will be in LA for the SPN Convention.

We will have another hellatus before the last 6 episodes of both shows. I hope the CW will do something epic to farewell Smallville.

Here is an article by KimberlyFDR via SpoilerTV on what the delay could cost the CW, check it out.

Finally, before I head out for breakfast, I have one word for you: COWBOY.

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  1. Oh.... ! Cowboy indeed. Wow.

    And I am not quite over IT yet.



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