28 January 2011

The hellatus is extended for another week.. Why?

The CW had decided to postpone the mid-season premier of Supernatural and Smallville by one week one day before airing the shows. Here is why & why.

It's not good enough. There is a thing called DRV and iTune download. Beside you can watch the episode on the CW website if you live in the States. I don't understand why the CW is giving Vampire Diaries and Nikita the special treatment. They didn't give Supernatural and Smallville the same chance when they were up against the big network on Thursday nights. Supernatural and Smallville never get much love from the network, it's like the first child is hated by the parents!

I think it looks unprofessional, considering this decision was made a day before. If the network make a decision earlier, it's fine. But it's not like they didn't know Idol or basketball was on the same night, right?

This is not cool. This is not awesome! It's embarrassing actually.


  1. I am so angry. Yes it is soooo unprofessional and so rude to fans. FUDGE!!!!


  2. its a joke!! now the dvd will take one extra week to come out lol but seriously i think the ten network is a bad influence on cw ;) i hope they didn't do it cause spn ratings are dropping hard. maz

  3. Poor decision will cost them!



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