17 January 2011

[Updated} Awesome Monday Edition: SFCon, LACon & Spoilers!!!

San Francisco Con
If you are a Supernatural fan and if you're on Twitter, you'd probably know Twitter was exploded with awesome tweets from the Supernatural Convention in San Francisco over the weekend, especially this morning due to the J2 panel.

You can check out Superwiki for more links on reports, pics and videos. I assume more links will be added by users over the next few days. I guess everyone is still winding down. If you ask me (ask me!), here is a great report on the J2 panel from Alice Jester (Winchester Family Business).
cmdr_chrichton probably has the best collection of photos from the Jensen and Jared panel. HOT HOT HOT!!! CLICK HERE. Jensen wasn't feeling too well but he still showed up and had fun. Can we love this guy more? And for a sick dude, he still looks damn hot!

LACon (26 days to go)
OMG I can't believe it's my turn to meet him next month in LACon!! I must promise myself NOT TO FAINT! DO NOT FAINT! DO NOT FAINT!! Here's my 33 Days to Go blog post.

Do you know what 26 days can do to me? I am going to be so distracted by what's going to happen 26 days from today. I will be in LA meeting the stars of Supernatural!!! Seriously, my BFF and I have been having meetings to go over our responsibilities at LACon, because we don't want to miss anything and we want to capture everything!

Here are a few spoilers from fans who were at the San Francisco con. I am sure we will hear more when the CW releases official details.

- Jensen said he will direct again should season 7 is a go. Tweet

- Jensen said 6.17 will be a time travelling episode, the boys will be looking for Samuel Colt. Here is the Twitter link to real time search.

SpoilerTV revealed more information on episode 6.17. Click here for more.

- Sam and Dean will be looking for the hunter who killed them in the beginning of Dark Side of the Moon. Tweet

- Jared said Sam and Dean will be back to being brothers again. Tweet

I have a major crush on Samuel Colt. In fact, I was so obsessed with the Colt, I wrote something about it back in January last year. I should really finish writing this fanfic!! Click here to read more.

TV Squad had an exclusive interview with Sera Gamble about this episode. Check it out here. Please note this interview is very spoiler involving some future stories and characters.

Supernatural season 5 is back on TV in Australia. The new digital channel, Eleven, was launched last week. Supernatural was aired tonight at 8:30pm with Abandon All Hope. Here was my review on the episode. Unbelievable!
Eleven had a 5 minute ad break before the last scene where the group photo of Dean, Sam, Cas, Bobby, Ellen & Jo was burnt, which was like 10 seconds max! Unbelievable!

I have some music to download. Adios!

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