31 July 2010

New Trailers & SDCC Interviews: Supernatural, Smallville, Captain America

If it's out there and if yours truly feel they are blog worthy, you will read it here.

The Syfy-EW ComicCon Party red carpet interview of Jim Beaver and Misha Collins - featuring Jensen Ackles... ^_^

I GET IT MISHA! WELL EXPLAINED! STOP TALKING! Haha... I love to see Misha giving a 3-hour history lecture with a PowerPoint Presentation, even if the only word of his choosing is BLAH.

Spinoff Online has posted a summary of the Supernatural panel at SDCC.

About 8 weeks to go! 8 weeks is like how many years in hell? Here are a few new teaser trailers for Supernatural & Smallville.

Supernatural season 6 trailer:

Smallville season 10 trailer - and they are promoting it as 'The Final Season".

Tom Welling was at the TCA Tour this weekend, and he talked about the Superman suit and about the Superman movie. Read it at MTVSplash Page. Watch the interview below from FlickCast.

GIVE HIM THE ROLE ALREADY!!!! Why can't the studio give fans what they want?

The Captain America Panel at SDCC.

Hey, who wants to see Jensen munching an apple?

Source: JustJared

Joss Whedon's on Directing Glee...WAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! I love this episode!!! Joss will be in Sydney at the end of August. Yours truly is going to see him at the Opera House! I need to be inspired. Inspire me Joss!

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