22 July 2010

Let the Geek-Fest Begin; Supernatural Season 6 Promo Poster; Xmas in July

It's begun. The biggest geek-fest of the planet is here! My Twitter time line is full of tweets about Comic Con.

CW: Honestly, I think you can do better than this. They photoshopped this poster based on last year's one. Seriously! I am sure you can spend a little bit of money to do another photo session with the guys. How lazy can you get? Anyway, here is a promo poster for season 6.

Source: SpoilerTV

About the iPhone. I have recently done all the updates - Macbook, iTune, this and that and the iPhone iOS4.01. I know people are having problems with the new iPhone update. My iPhone is actually working fine. I hope nothing bad will happen. I am still waiting for the iPhone4 to arrive in Australia. Take your time Apple, I mean it. Get this right, fix it before you release in Australia.

We are having a frekking cold winter in Australia at the moment. Since our summer is actually your winter and our winter is actually your summer, some of us have 'Xmas in July'. Anyway, I am organising a Xmas in July this week. Woohoo! I love Xmas, and I love Xmas in July.

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