08 July 2010

Superhero blog; Captain America it is!

Once I got over the fact Jensen Ackles is not Captain America, I am slowing warming up to Chris Evans. I've seen him in Crapastic Four, Street King, The Nanny Diaries and that movie about the cell phone. I haven't seen the Losers nor have I the desire to, but I may watch even Scott Pilgrim vs the World. He is good, but I guess this is his moment. Before Batman, Bale wasn't a household name. So this is it for Evans!

Jensen started it! So I am going to finish it! I will be blogging about Captain America and the Avengers. How much do I know about them? ZERO! I don't know absolutely nothing about them!! So this will be my journey of discovery. It'd better be good!

The first thing I notice when it comes to Captain America is the costume. It's iconic, just like most superhero costume i.e Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, the list is endless. When I first saw the Captain America outfit, I was like, how are they going to make this look cool and modern even though the story took place in WWII? When I saw the concept arts, I was impressed. Chris Evens talked about his costume with Empire.

The second thing I notice is the story. Every superhero has a story. Christophe Nolan's Batman movies took a different direction from the Tim Burton's, they were more character driven, which I like. What turned them into who they are? I've never been a Superman fan, I can't explain it. But when I started watching Smallville, I started to appreciate the life of Clark Kent and realised what makes Superman is Clark Kent. I really like the first Spiderman movie (Tobey as Spiderman/ Peter Parker), I like Peter Parker because he is not rich like Bruce Wayne, and he delivered pizza and made his own costume. So I wonder what is the story of Steve Rogers? He was a soldier, human, with no superpower. With an experimental serum, he turned gi-normal and went to war. Am I close?

The last thing I want to mention about Captain America is his shield. Surprisingly I got excited when the shield appeared in Iron Man II. I knew that Easter Egg!! Yay me! I added that shield on my Twitter homepage for Jensen. For some reason, I really like the symbol. Has anyone got the latest SFX? It has an amazing cover!

I can't say I have the same desire for Thor. I saw Natalie Portman's interview last week with our Aussie guy. I guess I'll watch it for Natalie, I've loved her since Leon, Star Wars and Garden State. So why not this one! She is one my favorite female actresses next to Scarlett Johannson and Kate Winslet.

Speaking of Scarlett, OMG! I love her as the Black Widow! I would love to watch a Black Widow spin-off! She and Chris Evans were in The Nanny Diaries together, where Evans was Harvard Hottie and she was Annie and Nanny. It was a cute film. Natalie Portman and Scarlett were in The Other Boleyn Girl together. I don't know if their characters will cross-path in the Marvel universe.

Speaking of The Other Boleyn Girl and Spiderman, I just wanted to say, Jim Sturgess, who also played the lead in Across the Universe, should be the new Spiderman.

Before I go, more news about the Smallville panel at this month's ComicCon have surfaced! OMG! Geoff Johns will be moderating the Smallville panel, with special appearance by Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Cassidy Freeman and Justin Hartley. Interesting to see Cassidy there, I wonder what will happen to Tess in season 10. Details here.

Enough superhero talk tonight!
I am going to watch the Glee season finale now.

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