27 July 2010

Comic Con 2010 - That's a Wrap!

Now that the 2010 geek-fest is officially over, people who work on our favorite television shows and films can get back to do what they do best.

Alice Jester posted an interview with Supernatural Creator Eric Kripke today. Check it out if you want spoilers. TVOvermind has a collection of cast interview.

[Spoiler Alert: HIGH!] This is my pick! Daemon TV's interview with Jensen Ackles, featuring Jared's butt around the the 7 mins 55 seconds mark.

Finally, a section of the epic video montage of Smallville is on YouTube. It's the season 10 clips. OMG!

Kryptonsite has a few cast interview, starting with Tom Welling, Erica Durance and Justin Hartley.

The WB interview with Tom Welling:

EW's interview with Erica Durance:

MTV posted a comprehensive report on the Joss Whedon and JJ Abrams EW Visionaries Panel. EOnline also has a write-up.

Chris Evans talked to
MTV about Captain America. The Chris Evens Blog has heaps of photos. Scarlett-Fan also has a few great shots there. I thought Scarlett tied up her hair, I didn't realise it was a cut! It's nice! May I repeat, Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson reunited the first time since The Nanny Diaries.

You may start the countdown for ComicCon 2011.

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