20 July 2010

Supernatural Wins - The Constellation Awards

Great news! Supernatural won the Best Sci-Fi TV Series at this year's Constellation Awards. See full list of winners here. The Constellation Awards are Canada's annual sci-fi awards honouring the best in sci-fi film and television.

Still can't over the 'sci-fi' thing, because Supernatural is not sci-fi - there is no science or space ship or aliens in it... even the The Big Bang Theory is closer to being 'sci-fi' than Supernatural, but it's still awesome! Congrats to Eric Kripke, his crew and cast!


  1. AnonymousJuly 21, 2010

    Like most "sci-fi" awards, The Constellation Awards chooses to include related genres such as fantasy, horror, paranormal, etc. Because let's face it: Otherwise, who would honour these awesome shows and movies? :)

    Andrew Gurudata
    Chairman, The 2010 Constellation Awards

  2. Hey Andrew - thanks for the visit and the comment! Keep up the good work with the Awards.


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