02 August 2010

Iron Man 2 Blu-Ray with Thor & Cap America Footage from SDCC

The Iron Man 2 Blu-Ray will include the Thor and Captain America footage from Comic Con. Source: WTAQ & Blu-Ray.com

You can now pre-order the
DVD and Blu-Ray from Amazon. I think some special features will be different, check the websites for details. The release date is September 28 2010.

I am a suck for special features, I always watch the special features after the movie, even with Juno.

On the subject of Juno, I meant to watch it a long time ago but I've only just got the chance to watch over it the weekend. I love it! If you love Garden State, I think you might love this one. Love the story, love the characters, love the music, love Ellen Page.

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