12 March 2010

(Updated) A Very Shapeshifter Supernatural Marathon - Tiny's Twitter Party

To celebrate the return of Supernatural on Thursday 25th March on the CW and to get ready for the home-stretch, I am going a throw a Twitter Party (well.. sort of)!

I've been thinking about a Supernatural shapeshifter rewatch/ twitcom. There is no better way than watching it with my Twitter friends, you are welcome to join us if you are available. To accommodate those who are in different time zones, this is the best time we could do it.

Tiny Twitter Party - A Very Shapeshifter Supernatural Marathon

Sunday, 21st March 2010
2pm (Australia Eastern Standard Time)
Hashtag #SPNRewatch

Three ways to join us!!!

Follow Tiny on Twitter
Follow our TwitComm list HERE
Follow our tweets on TweetChat

The Marathon will consist of the following episodes:

Season 1 Ep 1.06 Skin
Season 2
Ep 2.12 Nightshifter
Season 4
Ep 4.05 Monster Movie

So get your DVD ready! We'll have a 5 minute break in between each episode, so that you can go get yourself another drink or another pack of chips or do your 'business'.

You are welcome to come in and out during the marathon.

A few things you can prepare for the rewatch is food and drinks. Here is a list of suggestions:

Dean's Veggie Tofu Burger or Mini-Cheesesteaks
Sam's Salad 'Shake it Baby' Shake
Castiel's Hamburger

Bobby's Apple Pie

Ruby 1.0's French Fries with Ketchup
Astroniod's Candy

Dracula's Pizza (Do you have the coupon?)

Purple Nurple, Purple Nurple and Purple Nurple.

Hope to see you at the Marathon. Follow me on Twitter.


  1. I'll be there!
    It'll be 11am Sunday for me, so it's all good!

    You want to do a Twitter blast or open an MSN/AIM/Skype/Whatever chatroom? I can save and post all to an LJ / blogger post?

    @TozaBoma ;)

  2. Thanks heheh.. Can't wait!

    I was just thinking about just a TwitCom on Twitter, wasn't thinking about using anything else. UStream or TweetChat did cross my mind.. But at this stage, most likely it will be just TwitCom. There is a Twitter List Kara and I created, will probably use that too. I was investigating TweetChat, but I kinda stop, I'll have another look to see if this is good.

    Tiny :)


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