23 March 2010

The Human Torch is Captain America

Jensen Ackles was the only reason I Googled about Captain America. Jensen Ackles was the only reason I would pay to watch that movie. Just saying it...

Like most people, I am sick of hearing rumors when names like Chace Crawford and Jim Krasinski kept popping up. If any of the earlier casting
rumors were true (how ironic!), then I was truly disappointed with the audition line-up. Gossip Boy and Jimbo may be good at what they do in Gossip Girl and The Office, but seriously, a hero who could stand next to Iron Man and other Marvel characters? NO FUDGING WAY! I'd be happier to see someone's goldfish or my mum to be Captain America.

Before I go on, let me just say that I HATE it when actors told the press about going for audition before the audition and then updated the press they did the audition but kinda didn't want to talk more coz they didn't want to jinx it. And then they didn't get the role anyway. This first rule about Fight Club is that you don't talk about Fight Club. The second rule about Fight Club is that you don't talk about Fight Club! Four words of wisdom for you! SHUT THE FUDGE UP!

Anyway, so.... Then came rumors about Chris Pine, Ryan Phillippe, Channing Tatum and Chris Evans.. Blah blah blah.. Ok here is the thing.. When I saw the news about Chris Evans was in the running. I said to myself and also on Twitter that: It's not ideal, but it's a choice I can live with and I'll watch this movie. He looks good as the Cap!

And then this morning the internet exploded with news about Chris Evans is confirmed as Captain America. I was like.. OK.. SO how reliable is this? It's not official, until Marvel says so!

But this, this is pretty official..! Unless Jon Favreau is as confused as the fans.

Here is Jon Favreau's Tweet:

I've seen a few movies Chris Evans was in. Fantastic Four, The Nanny Diary and Street King. He was in well-known movies, but with Captain America, his stardom could gone off the roof, just like Christian Bale (who I've loved since he was in Empire of the Son) or Chris Pine. This is IT for Chris Evans. I support this decision. And I look forward to watching Captain America.

But having said that, I still hope Jensen Ackles was the Captain. OH GOD YES! I hope better roles will come to Jensen.

Oh..and can I say, Ryan Reynolds looks crap as anything. Like Green Lantern and everything else he is in. Just saying. He always has the same expression on his face. It's the morning after. Let this be the first and last time I mention his name. The end!

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