30 March 2010

Supernatural Season 5 Remaining Episode Titles

I wasn't gonna read it.. shut up.. but they are not too spoilery.

5x16: Dark side of the moon
5x17: 99 Problems
5x18: Point of no return (100th episode)
5x19: Hammer of the gods
5x20: The devil you know
5x21: Two minutes to midnight
5x22: Swan song
Source: Where else but SpoilerTV.

How is my SPN Lockdown doing? GREAT! And I am proud! I haven't watched the weekly sneaky preview clips (I am strong as usual when it comes to the weekly clips.) And I haven't read anything about the 100th Episode!!!

Oh but wait! You don't believe me???!!!! Ok.. I can tell you this!

The season five finale was originally called Swan Dive...
The season finale is actually about Castiel went undercover at the Winter Olympic as an athletic, he invented a secret move called the Swan Dive in figure skating. Meanwhile, Dean and Sam will not appear in the finale because they have been kidnapped by crazy fangirls.

I also heard there is going to be an episode called My Nose is Itchy.
Whose nose? That, my friend, is the $66 question. And why is it itchy? If I tell you, the writer (I can't say which one) is gonna tickle me to death.

Oh and.. the season six premier will be called Eyebrow Raising.
Apparently, Jensen Ackles is going to stare at the camera in the entire episode, thinking about life, life and 'how much longer do I need to raise my eyebrow?"


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  1. ---------Point of No Return
    Dean believes the only way to stop the Apocalypse is to say Yes to Michael. But Zachariah has found a new way to destroy Lucifer which would cause greater damage to the planet and everyone in it. So the Winchesters try to stop Zacchariah.

    ----Hammer of the Gods
    A group of gods (or ancient legends) kidnap the Winchesters and use them to negotiate in preventing the Apocalypse. Gabriel warns them about Lucifer and one of the gods turns against the group and Lucifer finds them. Lucifer destroys Gabriel and some other gods whilst the brothers escape.

    ----The devil you know
    Running out of options, the brothers lose hope that they can stop the Apocalypse.
    Lucifer greets them and tries to bargain with them. If Sam says Yes Lucifer promises to allow life to go on the way it is. Lucifer will stop the Apocalypse and become the king of Heaven. He says he is powerful enough. Dean asks what's the catch. In exchange for saying Yes, Lucifer will be free to walk and Sam will lose his body/mind/soul ... exisistence. Sam seems compelled to say yes. Sam believes he has caused everything and it is his last choice to save mankind and redeem himself. Dean doesnt trust Lucifer. Lucifer states that he is the only reason why demons can even exist and why the Angels haven't taken control of Earth or Hell. Castiel comments that this may be theyre only chance to stop the Apocalypse since God has abondaned them, but is unsure if Lucifer can be trusted.

    -----Two minutes to midnight
    The final rush and when everything is breaking down. Time is running out as Lucifer's vessel becomes completely unstable which threatens to destroy the deal. Angels have taken Dean hostage and encourage/forcing him to say Yes before Lucifer otherwise the Lucifers rising will destroy everything. Will Sam say Yes or will it be Dean?

    -----Swan Song
    The stage is set for season six. The Apocalypse is imminent but who gets to run the show is still undecided.


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