05 March 2010

Finally! Fly Clark Fly!!!!! Smallville Season 10 is a GO!; I Dreamt of Tom Welling

Smallville season 10 has been officially confirmed. Woohoo!!!!! Some fans are calling it, we might see Smallville and Supernatural pair up again but this time it might be for the Friday time slot! Just saying it... we won't know until the CW confirmed the scheduling for Fall.

Kneel before Kal El! Will we see Clark fly and see the iconic Superman before the series ends?

TVGuide and Aceshowbiz.

By the way, I had a dream about Tom Welling last night. He said he would buzz me when he arrived at my apartment's courtyard for filming. And he did, but he did say anything to the intercom, but I knew it was him. So me and my friend sat on the balcony and waved at Tom and say WE LOVE YOU TOM. And then he waved back. And then I woke up. The end...

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