22 March 2010

(Updated) Bunny Time! A Very Ben Edlund Supernatural Marathon Twitter Party

"Why does a rabbit always get screwed in a deal? Poor little guy." Dean Winchester

Our first Twitter Party was a hit! It took place on Sunday 21st March at 2pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. We had a very Shapeshifter marathon, we watched Skin, Nightshifter and Monster Movie. We had a great time! And it was soooooo awesome to have friends from different time zones to participate. I normally don't rewatch Skin and Monster Movie, but it's great to have a marathon to rewatch all shapeshifter episodes. It was really awesome!!!

With Easter is just around the corner, I am throwing another Twitter Party! Originally, I just wanted to do an Easter TwitCom on Bad Day at Black Rock. However, one suggestion led to another, we've decided to do a Ben Edlund Marathon!

Bunny Time! A Very Ben Edlund Supernatural Marathon Twitter Party
Easter Monday 5th April
2pm Australian Eastern Standard Time
Hashtag #SPNRewatch

Three ways to join us

Follow Tiny on Twitter
Follow our TwitComm list HERE
Follow our tweets on TweetChat

Remember the rewatch is highly interactive. So don't just read our tweets or the episodes, join our conversation!

Episodes viewing in this order
Season 2:
Hollywood Babylon
Season 3: Bad Day at Black Rock
Season 4:
Wishful Thinking

So get your DVD ready! As per usual, we'll have a 5 minute break in between each episode, so that you can go get yourself another drink or another pack of chips or do your 'business'.

You are welcome to come in and out during the marathon.

There were discussions about the inclusion of Ghost Facers or Abandon All Hope. Abandon was too sad, personally I am not ready to watch it again. With Ghost Facers, perhaps we can do a Ghost Facers Marathon later if everyone is game. Like Hell House, Ghost Facers, and It's a Terrible Life. Or we can do a Eric Kripke Marathon or Sera Gamble Marathon or a Mary Winchester Marathon or the Harvelle's Marathon. The sky's the limit!

Hope to see you at the Marathon. Follow me on Twitter.

You can also read the Rewatching Supernatural: A Guide from our friend, The Daily Buckets of Crazy. ^_^


  1. I'll be there again (@TozaBoma / @alt_Toza) and I'll do a quick post to spread the joy of this on the Daily Buckets and on my own blog, if that's ok. The more the merrier?


  2. YES.. the more the merrier!!! :D :D :D


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